St. Bernardus Abt 12 by Brouwerij St. Bernardus

ImageOMG!!!…put it simply, like drinking dulce de leche with a nice bread. The St. Bernardus Abt 12 is rated one of the best quad style ales in the world. It is up there next to the westvleteren 12, but not as expensive and recently easy to find at the local Bevmo. I got this one in Wally’s Wine house but say it at the Bevmo in Manhattan beach. Quite frankly, one of the best trappiste Belgian ales I have ever had. I will soon be trying the Westvleteren but this beer is by far really good. There is Belgian yeast, some roasted malts, what I believe caramelized sugar, no hops,dark fruit, raisins, cherries, and fig flavors. The sugar rush hits you instantly but it feels really good. Alcohol is there but you honestly cannot tell as it is extremely well masked by that caramelized Belgian yeast combo. This reminds me of the time I had the Black Xantus. However with this one, no chocolate dessert needed. THIS IS YOUR DESSERT!!. Right next to franzy dark, my next favorite beer 😀

REVISIT: Hands down, truly the best beer in the world in my opinion, right next to the unreachable westy 12 and the common Trios Pistoles. Ahh Quad ales…simply the best in the world. I read more about this beer. These ales are brewed with the finest malts, local grown hops, yeast and artesian water pumped from a depth of 500 feet. Truly monks beer…as brewed in those Belgian monasteries. The ales are actually “alive” mainly due to the yeast strains that consume sugar to produce the alcohol and carbonation. If the nectar of the gods was truly this, this is it and its very easy to find thank fully :). Wonder if Jesus ever had a go at beers aside from turning water into wine :P.

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