Black Xantus Imperial Stout by Nectar Ales/Firestone Walker


Rating: 5/5 

Black Xantus Imperial Stout by Nectar Ales/Firestone Walker is one of my favorite all time beer. The first batch was Christmas 2010 in remembrance of my beloved mother. I remember that day since I had aged the ale for about a year to increase the alcohol content from 11% to 13%. I am actually doing so again and will have what will be my 3rd batch¬†along with my friend Chino and his bro. Since this beer is hard to find, I was able to find it once again and did not dare miss out on the opportunity to try the beer as is at 11% alcohol. I wanted to see how things have changed since I first started getting into different beers. This beer has been with me since Lost Abbey so I figured now that I am more rounded in the arts of taste, I had to try the beer again to see what my taste buds can find. To start off, this beer is made with roasted malts and actual Mexican Jobella coffee beans. Where most stouts get the chocolate/coffee flavors from roasted malts, the nice dark expresso like flavors comes is nice and strong, just like I remember. Bourbon and Vanilla flavors are actually in this beer as well as flavors of dark cherries, plums, blackberries and other dark fruits. There is alot of hoppy yet nice bitterness to the brew that hits you good inside. Very unique beer and a simple yet most important treasure of mine. The original bottle still stands in my wooden book shelve next to my Lost Abbey art collection. I can’t wait to try the 13% over all aged one. This beer is a dessert beer and is best had with a chocolate cake. I will knock you out like it did to me back in 2010….LOL since I found this beer hidden at the Bevmo, I sure as hell did not want to pass the opportunity to try it once more before diving head on to the 13% one which will knock me out..but it is SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT….

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