Bashah (Black As Sin Hoppy As Hell) Collaboration between Stone and BrewDog

ImageRating: 4/5

Bashah!!…Does not compute…It is a collaboration between Brewdog and Stone Brewing company. It is a 8.6% ABV Black Strong Belgian Dark fused with a Double India Pale. It is my response to the what ifs in terms of beer fusions. Mixing my favorite style a Belgian Dark Strong Ale with a Double IPA. My answer for an Imperial Stout and Belgian Dark Strong ale came with Sam Adams 13th hour Belgian stout long ago.

Bashah is the other end of the spectrum. What if you took the arrogant and hoppy bastard or the Ruination of stone and you added some dark Belgian bready yeast not to mentions BrewDogs influence with malts that add that chocolatey and coffee like flavors. Smooth and hoppy bitterness. Hard to find this beer is, hard to find meaning as stated in the label. There is no real meaning to any of this…Beer is here….Bashah…Bashah Bashah….literally it works…there is no reason for such combinations to work…sweet bitterness I should say….but they do ..and they work damn well. Aged for those added oaky and bourbon notes as well… Not to be mistaken though..those that are not worthy should probably leave this one for a more enlightened soul. Those who believe is that gut feeling shouldn’t let this beer pass by as it is a rarity as well…Delicious…fulfilling and complex. Just plain…doesn’t make sense…but its there :P…..Thanks dudes at Stone and Brewdog for this one B-)

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