Lips of Faith series Pluot by New Belgium

1236441_10101360004751540_459170060_n 1236103_10101360003818410_696789262_nRating: 3.8/5

Lips of Faith series Pluot by New Belgium is a 10% ABV Belgian Tripel brewed with Pluot juice

Cross pollinate your tastebuds with Belgian imagination and you’ll be sipping this ale while visions of pluots dance in your head. Pluots? A hybrid of apricots and plums that impart a subtle sweetness. Ferment that with a wild Belgian yeast strain and you have a fruity yet spicy nature with a body reminiscent of red wine. Delicious.

Along with Paardebloem, I picked up the second summer Lips of Faith ale, Pluot. I figured why not as I am trying this years releases so far. By the way, so far, Cascara has been the winner in the tastings. I actually had to get several of those. Love me some quads 😛 . Well, anyways, time to check this one out. Although by what I am seeing, an apricot/plum fusion does sounds good.

Aromas are of light plums, peaches, biscuit malt, light caramel and honey. Very limited in fragrance.

Flavors are of peach, plum juice, light caramel, biscuit bread, citrus, slight tart but possibly not to the wine level just notes of it. It also tastes like grapes, toffee, apples, sugar cookies and light rye bread.

The aftertaste is mildly sweet but hard to believe it is 10 percent. Especially in the taste. It finishes pretty dry. Seems easy to drink, way too easy lol. Kind of scary but awesome.

Overall it is a still pretty good beer for sure with nice flavors, but I guess I expected more. Still a killer clear body beer. I’d get this this often if I wanted to just get hammered. The notes of Belgian character is still present. If you pick this up, just to try it, go for it but do not expect lots of magic. Just a nice decently good beer, that will probably get you wasted as you cannot tell the ABV in the taste.