Blackwater Series Choklat Oranj by Sourthern Tier

14500614_10103598537039890_7359746282089994777_oRating: 6/6

Blackwater Series Choklat Oranj by Southern Tier is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate, Orange Peel and Natural Flavor.

Color: BLACK Body: HEAVY. Bitterness: MODERATE. Pair: roasted or smoked foods, chocolate desserts. Store: Dark upright, <48°F | Serve: Snifter

The Blackwater Series first made waves when we introduced Choklat in 2007. Through experimentation and willingness to venture into the unknown, our quest to brew the perfect stout has continued ever since.

Our love for dessert-like beers has led us down interesting paths – from the classic fusion of coffee and chocolate in Mokah to the rich vanilla and lactose sugar Creme Brulee – and now here to Choklat Oranj.


The flavors of oranges and chocolate have been a sweet treat for millenia, it’s fitting that these kindred spirits should meet in this way.

Enjoy Choklat Oranj in a snifter on its own, or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as a float. Cheers!

25° plato; 2-row malt; caramel malt; debittered blackmalt; chocolate malt; orange peels; bittersweet Belgian Chocolate; columbus hops; natural flavor.
42° F

Just when I finished with a Southern Tier Blackwater series beer, Salted Caramel, I was graced with this one. Chokolat Oranj? Like Chocolate and Orange beer? There have been plenty of chocolate orange sweets I have tried before but an actual chocolate orange beer, I think I have not. This is a great idea for a beer and as always, the Blackwater series being more desserts than beer, it surely is great. Let’s take a look and see if this one can hold its own, Cheers!

Citrus, Tangerine preserves, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate milk shake, orange chocolate shake, cocoa powder, cinnamon, coriander spice, peppercorn spice, mocha, coffee cake, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, flan, Fruity Pebbles note, creamsikle, Rocky road ice cream, Jericalla Mexican Custard, sweetened condensed milk, tapioca pudding, anise, molasses, Baileys Chocolate and Orange Irish Cream.
Super Rich Chocolate covered orange dessert, Fruity Pebbles, creamsikle, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, flan, Citrus, Tangerine preserves, rye bread, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate milk shake, orange chocolate shake, cocoa powder, cinnamon, coriander spice, peppercorn spice, mocha, coffee cake, Danish cream, orange tang, chocolate mango, marshmallows, chocolate smores, graham crackers, earthy hops, Rocky road ice cream, Jericalla Mexican Custard, sweetened condensed milk, tapioca pudding, anise, molasses, Baileys Chocolate and Orange Irish Cream, Danish cream pastries, hazelnuts, peach cobbler and Tres Leches/3 Milks cake.
Finishes with lots or orange citrus, dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, marshmallow smores, hazelnut nectar and earthy hop notes. No alcohol in the taste, super dark pitch black body, smooth, creamy, velvety and syrupy mouthfeel with a moderate to sipping drinkability.
Another awesome exceptional and supremely delicious beer. Like those Chocolate Orange balls, this is that special dessert but in liquid form. Sometimes I wish Southern Tier had released some stuff out here in the West Coast. Although I have seen a few of their beers like Crème Brulee and Mokah in one specialty store, I would like to see more in many stores. These beers are like what Belching Beaver and Brew Rebellion is to us here in the west. There is a world of flavor fusions that they can come up with. I highly recommend this one.
Anime Corner:
Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach was chosen in this pairing because she is one of my favorite anime characters but I also chose her mainly to pair with the label and ingredient colors of the beer. In which case, the orange and black it well with her attire and the chocolate dark fruit aspects as well. Her unleashing using her God of Thunder II version is how I felt that this beer experience was. This beer unleashed so much awesome stuff. I also like how in one of the pics, the God of Thunder lightning is orange like the oranges used in the beer as well.

Blackwater Series Crème Brûlée by Southern Tier

1558390_10101996995242490_4431564627933524936_nRating: 6/5

Blackwater Series Crème Brûlée by Southern Tier is a 9.5% ABV Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Vanilla Beans.

The British founders of burnt cream & from Spain, crema catalana, both stand byt heir creative originality & we respect that. But it was the French crème brulee that survived history.

A Stout of Great Contention

How would a brewery determine a likeness to hard-coated custard? Our response is simple resilience & finesse. Pour Creme Brulee into a glass. The incredibly dark & opaque beer reveals a thick head. Aroma leaps forward; sweet, creamy & uncannily true to the namesake dessert. Enjoy with – or as – your favorite after-dinner treat.

This one is a rare treat in these parts of Southern California. I was lucky to find a bottle of this magical treasure at Ramirez Liquor Warehouse in Boyle Heights. I have seen this beer in many reviews like my friend Aaron’s page and some other sites but I never seen it around here before. So yeah, I definitely decided to get it. I figured, Chocoklat was one of the best chocolate beers out there, this one must be just as delicious. In fact, many of the Southern Tier beers are just phenomenal for sure. So here we go, I finally bring this beer to a review at the place where anime and beer meet up. Cheers!

Vanilla syrup, Dark chocolate, maple syrup, super rich butterscotch, crème brulee, custard, dulce de leche caramel flan, Jericalla Mexican custard, Tapioca pudding, Milk chocolate shake, hints of anise, dark fruit raisin bread pudding, pecan pie,Tres Leches, sweetened condensed milk, hazelnut nectar, vanilla pudding chocolate pudding, mocha coffee, Kahlua coffee and Irish cream.

Tres Leches, sweetened condensed milk, Vanilla syrup, Irish Cream, Creme Brulee, Dark chocolate, Dark fruit raisins and figs, marshmallows, coconut, maple syrup, rich butterscotch, toffee, pecan pie, Tapioca pudding, Vanilla and chocolate pudding, Jericalla Mexican custard, dulce de leche caramel from the wooden box, anise hints, earthy dark roast coffee notes, pecan and raisin bread pudding, walnuts, peanut butter hints, honey bourbon hints, Kahlua coffee, mocha frappuccino, Chocolate Milk shake, Mild all spice, nutmeg and burnt sugar caramel flan.

Butterscotch, pecan pie, vanilla, flan, crème brulee, dark fruit, Irish cream,Mild earthy and roasted bitterness. No alcohol in the taste, syrupy and creamy mouth feel, Pitch Black sludgy full body, moderate to sipping drinkability. Despite the ABV, there is a level of smoothness that simply works way too well at hiding that alcohol that you probably start to think you can drink several of these.

Oh My God!! This is way different of a dessert beer. Unlike many of the beers that are generally complex due to some form of aging in certain spirits, this is just added with vanilla beans and lactose and it totally changes the whole aspect of the beer. This proves that aide from the awesome love of chocolate and caramel, there is a level of vanilla that is on a league of its own. This beer is so ridiculously good I have to add it to that bucket list of beers that people should definitely try if you are lucky to find it for sure. Just like their Chokolat, an absolute favorite for me now.

Anime Corner:
Mai Hasegawa (Konoko) from Oni was used in this pairing because I wanted to show the potency of this beer with respects to flavor complexity, ABV strength, colors and cow of the label. To start, the dark purple hair on Motoko as well as her being represent the dark fruit aspects, flan, caramel, maple syrup and crème brullee of the flavors as well as other complexities. Her sexyness and artillery represent her strength in keeping everything hidden in terms of ABV, smooth and delicious but then dangerous since you would want to drink several of these beers. The tattered clothes in different sections of the body are like the spots of a cow. Yes, she gives the milk . Sorry… what was I saying? Yes, and finally, colors of her gear and her pair well with the colors of the label. So yeah I think in my crazy crazy mind, I made it work some how. Still though, get this beer!!


Warlock (Blackwater Series) by Southern Tier Brewing

1233628_10101396321098290_36871604_n 1003928_10101396320893700_1998980934_n 1237635_10101396320838810_730696591_n 11219_10101396320803880_943768510_nRating: 4.85/5

Warlock (Blackwater Series) by Southern Tier Brewing is an 8.6% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Pumpkins and Natural Flavors

Warlock is brewed to enchant your palate on its own and also to counterpoint our Imperial Ale, Pumking. Make your own black magic by carefully pouring this Imperial Stout into a goblet

Master of the Underworld
Dark and mysterious, the Blackwater Series is serious about high gravity. Reanimate your senses with Warlock’s huge roasted malt character, moderate carbonation and spicy pumpkin pie aroma

Time for the fall and as fall approaches, so does the array of delicious pumpkin beers. I have tried many pumpkin beers last year and brought them forth here to review. This year I will try out a handful as well and may even review some of the past ones I have done. Warlock is actually supposed to the the Dark Sorcerer version of the Pumpking. Basically if Pumpking turned into a stout or close to it. This years release seems to be very promising

Aromas are of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candy corn, pumpkin, pie crust, hazelnut, squash, cinnamon, nutmeg,vanilla, piloncillo sugar cone, buttery caramel popcorn, butterscotch, caramel, brown sugar, ginger bread, cloves and spices

The flavors are of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, roasted pumpkin seeds, lots of Halloween candy corn, butterscotch, caramel buttered popcorn notes, caramel, pumpkin notes, pumpkin spice, ginger bread, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla, mocha notes, cloves and hints of banana

The aftertaste leaves with pumpkin, chocolate candy corn sweetness and a bit of roasty notes that linger. While beer has a moderate level of sip-ability, good luck trying to find the alcohol. It is covered up in buttery Pumking goodness

Overall, to me this was better than Pumking. Mainly, the milk stout properties works very well with that buttery pumpkin pie and candy corn flavor making this one that more amazing. He beer is easier to find online so far as it is still trickling down the distribution nooks and crannies. If you like Pumking, you may actually enjoy this one. No down, an awesome Imperial Pumpkin stout

choklat by Southern Tier Brewing

400133_10100981949781730_1726044407_nRating: 5.5/5

choklat by Southern Tier Brewing is an 11%ABV Imperial Stout brewed with chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, German Chocolate, chile chocolate oh yes and CHOCOLATE PRIME!!! Imagine Chocolate rain toned down enough by alcohol but also with adding some bitter-sweet chocolate into the concoction. You get this beer. One of the most Chocolatey beers I have ever 

had D:….aside from chocolate rain ofcourse.Label:
“the ancients called it ‘food for the gods’“ The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl (ch-co-atle). At Southern Tier, we’re not surprised that hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods. Even through the many voyages of Columbus, the mystical bean remained nothing more than a strange currency of the native peoples. Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized in our brewing house, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you our Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. We have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle. 

Alc. 11.0% by vol.
27o plato
195o L
2-Row barley
Caramel 60 malt
barley flakes
chocolate malt
bittersweet Belgian chocolate
kettle hops: chinook & williamette

This is one of the ultimate tributes in chocolate history right next to chocolate rain!! While Chocolate Rain reaches flavors in the 10th dimension, this reaches somewhere near there…maybe the 5th dimension of flavor. So what is this stout like? If chocolate milkshake with cinnamon, cocoa powder, and that sweet sweet chocolate soda I had in Iowa along with chocolate syrup and dark bitter chocolate and chocolate with a little bit of chili spicy but so faint it only contributes to the bitter-sweet then this is the flavors you have. Some Espresso coffee mocha lingers with caramel and vanilla too. Damn… This is another Diabetes bottle :X….but it is so good!!!! IF you ever had a beer where you had to dig to find the flavor or something that wasn’t easily defined in terms of flavor….well look no further….this beer will help. You don’t even have to taste it to know it has strong chocolate odor. If you do taste it though….you’re done!!…this is a massive dessert here…you may not stop drinking it…careful though :P… You probably have not lived a “Chocolate Lover’ life if you have not tried this beer…

Pumpking by Southern Tier

Rating: 4.5/5

Pumpking by Southern Tier is an 8.6% ABV Pumpkin Ale. It is made with the following ingredients as stated on the label:
19 Degrees Plato 

8.8 Degrees L 
2-row Pale Malt 
Caramel Malt 
Pureed Pumpkin Kettle Hops: Magnum 
Aroma Hops: Sterling 

Bewitched and Brewed with Pagan Spirit Pumking is an ode to Púca, a creature of Celtic folklore, who is both feared and respected by those who believe in it. Púca is said to waylay travelers throughout the night, tossing them on its back, and providing them the ride of their lives, from which they return forever changed. Brewed in the spirit of All Hallows Eve, a time of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent. Pour Pumking into a goblet and allow it’s alluring spirit to overflow. As spicy aromas present themselves, let it’s deep copper color entrance you as your journey into this mystical brew has just begun. As the first drops touch your tongue a magical spell will bewitch your taste buds making it difficult to escape the Pumking. 
Fall is coming and so it means it time to get ready for Halloween and all lol. Now this is the second time I try a pumpkin beer this year (over all a 4th pumpkin beer this year) since last years La Parcela which was wickedly awesome as well as the Kick which was a mix of pumpkin and cherries. Now, before I continue on with this review, so far I notice out the the 3 beers, each has something to offer. While la parcela is more of a real bitter pumpkin with spices and smashed pumpkin ale is actually real sweet yams, pumpkin and sweet potato natural flavors, this is different to. The smell is like candy sweet pumpkin with buttery caramel corn or candy corn smell. 
The Flavors is actually much of the same. While pumpkin, caramel, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar and pumpkin pie is in this awesome beer, there are these flavors of buttered candy corn or buttered sweet caramel corn as well as graham crackers. It is definitely a very delicious pumpkin beer at that. Although they sell it more in the east coast, it is still does not quite beat the Shipyard Smashed pumpkins one. It is easier to find here in the west coast during the fall and it reminds me more of the delicious camotes/sweet potatoes or yams with milk my mom used to make. So to each his own, I recommend this beer if you can find it because it is hard to find, but I personally would recommend the Smashed Pumpkin one. La Parcela I would recommend too but it is hard to find 😛 and Kick is no longer brewed