Blackwater series Salted Caramel by Southern Tier

14556653_10103598533786410_2286201946465247160_oRating: 6/6

Blackwater series Salted Caramel by Southern Tier is a10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Caramelized Sugar & Natural flavor.

Color: BLACK Body: MEDIUM. Bitterness: MEDIUM. Pair: roasted or smoked foods, chocolate desserts. Store: Dark upright, <48°F | Serve: Snifter

Salt has long been an important part of civilization. Although it is now a ubiquitous household mineral, it has not always been easy to find. Salt was once so valuable that Roman legions were sometimes paid with it.


Rich, dark malts are combined with caramelized sugar and Himalayan pink sea salt to make Salted Caramel a perfect combination of sweet and salty. It’s a delicious dessert beer and 10% ABV put it squarely into Blackwater Imperial Stout Series. How does all of this measure up? Definitely worth its salt.

25° plato; 2-row malt; caramel malt; barley flakes; chocolate malt; Himalayan pink sea salt; caramelized sugar; natural flavor.
42° F
It has been a long time since I tried the Blackwater series of beers from Southern Tier. I have tried the majority of them including the Chocklat, Pumpking as well Mokah, Crème Brulee and Warlock. Thanks to my friend Aaron from for some of those that I got to try. This beer should be no different other than awesome, or at least that is what I can assume. The choice to go with Salted Caramel is quite unique. There a few brews that have taken this approach and those were very good. The fact that Southern Tier took it upon themselves to create this style, they will surely be better than what I have had before. Let’s see if this is true, cheers!

Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, Toffee, Butterscotch, pecan pie, Rich vanilla, crème brulee, Tres Leches/3 Milks cake, coffee cake, toasted cashews, peanut butter, piloncillo sugar cone, Danish cream pastries, Chocolate caramelized Turtle Truffles, Baileys Irish cream, Dulce de leche caramel, Rich flan, salt, earthy hop notes, dark fruit raisins, currants, dark cherries, blackberries, raspberries, walnuts, hazelnuts, rocky road ice cream, maple syrup, marshmallows, Irish cream, mocha, chocolate pudding and Jericalla Mexican Custard.

Dulce de leche caramel, Rich flan, salt, earthy hop notes, Dark Chocolate, Milk chocolate, Toffee, Butterscotch, pecan pie, Rich vanilla, crème brulee, dark fruit raisins, currants, dark cherries, blackberries, raspberries, walnuts, hazelnuts, rocky road ice cream, maple syrup, marshmallows, Irish cream, mocha, chocolate pudding, Jericalla Mexican Custard, sweetened condensed milk, tapioca pudding, anise, molasses, bourbon hints, rum hints, Chocolate milk shake, chocolate mousse, Burnt Caramel, Tres Leches/3 Milks cake, coffee cake, toasted cashews, peanut butter, piloncillo sugar cone, Chocolate caramelized Turtle Truffles, Baileys Irish cream and Danish cream pastries.

Rich vanilla, flan, dulce de leche caramel, salted after taste, dark chocolate, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, burnt sugars and earthy hints. No alcohol in the taste, Pitch Black sludgy full body even light barely penetrates, syrupy chewey and creamy mouth feel, and moderate drinkability despite the ABV.

An exceptional brew! Just like the other Blackwater brews in the series. They seem to be able to bring flavors forward for the type of idea they are going for. Due to this, I have yet to have a brew that was not very delicious or exceptional. This is one definitely had the caramel salted ice cream flavors forward along with lots of other chocolate dark fruit complexities making it closer to a nutty pie. The point is, pure dessert in a bottle and if you have tried any of the previous beers in the series, you will love this one. Highly recommended!
Anime Corner:
Reiko Mikami from Ghost Sweeper (GS) Mikami was chosen in this pairing to go with the amber color of caramel. Her colors resonate with that of caramel and dark fruits just like the beer. Her love for money is not synonymous with duty but that and her attitude toward Yokoshima, her partner, is one that is salty. Especially since Yokoshima is a pervert. The thing that works for her with this beer is slightly umami. The sweet, salty and bitter combination of the beer is the key here. The combination of those taste experiences creates something out of nothing. Like the ghosts that she destroys. Definitely a pleasurable experience that she makes much better in this pairing.


Blackwater Series Mokah by Southern Tier

1485083_10102186511590210_2901748405822857891_nRating: 6/5

Blackwater Series Mokah by Southern Tier is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate & Coffee.

Color: black. Body: full. Bitterness: medium. Pair: roasted or smoked foods, chocolate desserts.

Imagine the life of a coffee bean. From its humble beginnings high up on a mountainside to a transformation through roasting, and yet another in grinding then add hot water for a most bitter perfection. Think of cocoa and its similar transformations. A pod matures to bear seeds, the seeds are roasted and refined. How could these things be any better?

Best of Both Worlds

As scientists, our brewers use exacting standards. As artists, they couldn’t resist the inimitable expression of two of the world’s most sought after flavors. Enjoy Mokah stout with – or as – your favorite dessert. Cheers!

25° plato; 2-row malt; caramel malt; chocolate malt; black malt; roasted coffee beans; natural chocolate flavor; columbus hops.
42° F

An awesome shout out to Aaron Mendiola at who hooked me up with this rich goodie. Southern Tier is a rarity among these parts and I know I have seen this one or some of the other beers at Ramirez but this one peaked my curiosity especially since this was a chocolate and coffee beer. Some of the other beers I have had from them are very rich and delicious especially Choklat and Creme Brulee. So this one is the next in line to grace the presence here at the site. Thanks one again to Aaron for hooking me up with this sweet dessert, thanks brother! Now…. on to the review.

Rich Mocha coffee, Khalua, Milk chocolate shake, dark chocolate, Starbucks coffee, toasted coconut, dulce de leche caramel, whipped cream, vanilla beans, almond joy, hazelnut ice cream, rocky road ice cream, oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, dark fruits like raisins, currants, figs, dark cherries, tres leches/three milks cake, anise, molasses, tobacco, brown sugar, rich maple syrup, Reese’s peanut butter cups, specialty coffee, Bailey’s coffee liqueur, pecan pie, raspberries, choco flan and crème brulee.

Rich Mocha, choco flan, crème brulee, maple syrup, Khalua, Coffee, coffee cake, Reese’s peanut buttercups, brown sugar, specialty fancy coffee, molasses, dark fruit raisins, currants, figs, dark cherry yogurt hints, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, pistachio icecream, rocky road ice cream, almond joy, toasted coconut, vanilla, vanilla cream, tres leches/three milks cake, dulce de leche caramel, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, Leche Nestle sweetened condensed milk, espresso, roasted coffee beans, java, latte, whipped cream frappucino, Bailey’s Irish cream coffee liqueur, marshmallow smores, chambord raspberry liqueur, See’s coffee candy, butterscotch, German chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate shake, dark chocolate, Belgian chocolate, Baker’s chocolate, fudge chocolate, vanilla beans, anise, tobacco, mocha syrup and toasted cashews.

Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, vanilla, maple syrup, Reese’s peanut butter, pecan pie, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, mild earthy notes, coconut, marshmallow smores, burnt sugar, dark fruit and bitter dark chocolate lingers for a long time. No alcohol in the taste, velvety and creamy mouthfeel, easy and smooth to drink despite the ABV, Full dark coffee black body.

The best Chocolate coffee beer if not Mocha Wednesday, then ever! This beer is supreme in the chocolate and coffee mix of beers. It is so rich that I feel like pouring it like a syrup over ice cream just like some of those super Bruery beers. Some how, these beers don’t need barrel aging to stand stronger and really take that leap above the expectations of taste and beer experience. Highly recommend checking this delicious bottle out. Now I have to find it here. Hope they will have it nearby soon.

Anime Corner:
Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan was used in this pairing since I wanted to pair the colors of great coffee, chocolate, caramel and red cherries. Each article of clothing and her hair represent these and as she flies through the air it represents the smoothness and the quick strike like a bad ass ninja is what really hits that sweet spot that not many beers can. Everything about this pairing seems to fit nicely.