N10 Anniversary by Ninkasi brewing

14457279_10103598616909830_7294399324672049109_nRating: 6.25/7

N10 Anniversary by Ninkasi brewing is a 10% ABV American Strong Barrel Aged Hybrid Cuvee / Blend Ale.

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It has been quite some time since I tried a Ninkasi brew. When I first heard that they wanted to release a beer that was essentially a Cuvee of other beers in their profile, I was all for it. I figure this would be a great opportunity to see how it compares to other great Cuvees like Firestone Walker’s Anniversary ales. Essentially, they do the same process, blending different beers to create a special hybrid of a brew that can exceed expectations. This one uses 2 IPAs 2 Stouts and a Barleywine. Almost reminds me of some of the Bruery Melange beers too. So for me, that is awesome enough to bring it to the website. Let’s take a look at this monstrosity of a beer, cheers!

Dark fruit currants, raisins, prunes, blackberries, raspberries, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, German Chocolate, Chocolate milk shake, bourbon, oak, vanilla, caramel, smokey campfire, marshmallow smores, chocolate mousse, bananas, clove spice, almonds, rocky road ice cream honey, rye bread, leather, tobacco, tropical fruit mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit, strawberries, kiwis, papaya hints, guava, anise and brown sugar.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, German Chocolate, Chocolate milk shake, bourbon, oak, vanilla, caramel, smokey campfire, marshmallow smores, chocolate mousse, cookies and cream, oatmeal cookies, citrus, grapefruit, herbal, super dank piney, grassy and earthy hops, dark fruit currants, raisins, prunes, blackberries, raspberries, mild toasted coconut, tropical fruit mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit, strawberries, kiwis, papaya hints, guava, anise, molasses, rock candy, candy sugar, Stone fruit apricot, peaches, plums, red velvet cake, chocolate oranges, coffee cake, Irish cream, port wine, bananas, clove spice, almonds, rocky road ice cream honey, rye bread, leather and tobacco.

Finishes with lots of hoppy and malt forward flavors such as chocolate, caramel, earthy, citrus, dank grassy hops, dark fruit, tropical fruit, stone fruit, bourbon, marshmallows. Grapefruits, caramel and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, Dark full body, creamy, silky crisp, refreshing and velvety mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

Above exceptional! Granted, I do love certain versions of the FW beers, this one deserves to be up there as well. There was so much complexity in this one where you know it has stout and IPA characters blend so well. Some aspects remind me of the Jewbelation brews from Schmaltz brewing which uses several different types of malts and hops. It seems some American Strong beers do use that method but the blending of different beers is altogether very different and if you love American Strong ales, you will find the difference in this one. It’s awesome! I highly recommend it.
Anime Corner:
The 5 Sailor Scouts, Serena/Usagi Tsukino, Amy/Ami Mizuno, Raye/Rei Hino, Lita/Makoto Kito, Mina/Minako Aino from Sailor Moon were used in this pairing to go with the different colors of the ingredients, flavors holographic labels and the 5 beers that were used to blend this brew. Rei is the Stout, Mina is the Barrel Aged stout, Lita the Total Domination IPA, Amy the Maiden the Shade and Serena the Critical Hit. All the colors and complexity were what I was going for when I decided to go with team Sailor Moon.


Ground Control by Ninkasi Brewing Company

11175026_10102532087797720_8447991351314195574_n 11168028_10102532089125060_1676763492614523542_o 11674_10102532090302700_1502554317347205278_n 11127041_10102532090637030_2262761749053563897_nRating: 5.85/5

Ground Control by Ninkasi Brewing Company is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Oregon Hazelnuts, Star Anise, Cocoa Nibs and Ale Yeast Sent Into Space!

NSP (Ninkasi Space Program)
Born from a relentless pursuit for innovation, this limited release Ninkasi Space Program beer is brewed with yeast that went into space and back.

Seven years after we started brewing in Oregon, we decided the sky was not the limit. One year, two rockets and
countless lab hours later, we successfully launched a payload of brewer’s yeast into outer space with the help of rocket
scientists. After a much awaited return to Earth, the mission of creating space beer is now complete.

Ground Control boldly combines local and out-of-this-world ingredients. This rich, complex Imperial Stout is brewed
with Oregon hazelnuts, star anise and cocoa nibs, and fermented with an Ale yeast that survived a trip to space and back.
Mankind will enjoy the sweet finesse of this beer that only fares better with time.

Beer Stats
• Name: Ground Control
• Style: Imperial Stout
• Packaging: 22oz. Bottles, Draft
• Enjoyed Since: 2015
• Date Available: April 13, 2015
• OG: 1100
• IBU: 80
• ABV: 10.0%
• Malt: 2-Row Pale, Black, Chocolate, Munich, Crystal, Honey,
Special Roast, Peated
• Hops: Apollo, Bravo, Comet
• Special Ingredients: Oregon Hazelnuts, Star Anise, Cocoa Nibs


The Metroid/Yeast is in captivity… The Galaxy Hops are at peace [Since they were not included]… To boldly go where no yeast has gone before… and new hope in brewing, from the dark side with the force of space… The Final Frontier!! I bring forth, a brew from none like any other… a brew who’s yeast took a long field trip into space and has returned, brewed and tells a store. The space alien colony that has fermented this dark liquid brings forth a flavor from its new explorations. Whether this is a gimmick or not, Space and SciFi fans rejoice! Let’s explore the darkness of eternal ether… get ready to Blast off!!

Rich dark chocolate, coffee notes, mocha, anise, molasses, licorice, vanilla, caramel, tobacco hints, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, oreo cookies, rich cocoa nibs, milk chocolate, oak notes, pecan pie, walnuts, earthy hop notes, dragon fruit notes, toffee, cinnamon, candi sugar, rock candy, star burst hints, chocolate abuelita, rye bread, tobacco, leather, and banana notes.

Rich Dark chocolate, clove spice, anise, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, oreo cookies, rich cocoa nibs, milk chocolate, oak notes, mild bourbon notes, vanilla, caramel, smokey notes, rich dark fruit raisins, plums, dark cherries, rich coffee notes, mocha, hazelnut nectar, peanut butter hints, pecan pie, walnuts, earthy hop notes, dragon fruit notes, toffee, cinnamon, candi sugar, rock candy, star burst hints, chocolate abuelita, rye bread, tobacco, leather, banana notes, phenolic notes, stone fruit apricots, coriander spice, ginger bread notes and espresso.

Rich dark fruits, hazelnut nectar, mocha coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, anise, molasses, earthy notes, vanilla and caramel linger for while. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV, Pitch Black Hole body, Silky, syrupy, smooth, creamy and velvety mouth feel, easy to drink despite the ABV.

Exceeding my expectations for beer. This really reminded me of the W00tSt0ut from Stone but also like Black Xantus but then also has some hidden Belgian Stout characters in there. The beer is delicious regardless of balance or what not. It is freaking way more than what the ABV shows it almost with a Dark Lord syrupy mouth feel. You can almost cut this one like you would a dessert. Is it worth the 20$ just to say you had a beer made in Space? Maybe, but I would really want to see what from what I tasted in the flavors actually contributed from it’s space voyage! I’m sure “Gravity” (ABV/Sugar measurements) has drastically changed due to a change in thinning atmosphere and low gravity. Who knows, but I really damn well enjoyed this one regardless.

Anime Corner:
Samus Aran from Metroid , the bad ass space bounty hunter is back to represent some space black gold here. When it comes to space and adventuring the universe, not many characters come close to space exploration like Samus does, (except maybe KOS-MOS) but to get to the real nitty gritty of space, Samus does it. Her colors as well as her Varia Space suit go well with complimenting the colors and the label of the beer. She has successfully gone to space and back on many missions. The vial colony of yeast can be represented in the baby metroid she brought to the space station in Super Metroid for the SNES. So yeah, pretty bad ass.


2013 Reserve R&D Series Critical Hit by Ninkasi Brewing

10465535_10102499761420040_5671206349719221169_oRating: 5.25/5

2013 Reserve R&D Series Critical Hit by Ninkasi Brewing is a 10.4% American Barleywine.

Bottle Number: 06967/10000
In the Ninkasi tradition, this Barley Wine is hopped to high heaven. Critical Hit has a rich malty expression but the 11 varieties of hops linger on the palate. Two-hundred and twenty pounds of hops were used to make only 17 barrels of beer! Its high gravity nature warms the cheeks and soul. Pull out your 20-sided die — Critical Hit does double damage so you might have to roll versus save if you take this ale for granted!


I obtained this one at qualityliquorstore.com along with some other awesome beers. Ninkasi makes some pretty awesome beers. So to see that they made a barley wine and in the theme of Dungeons & Dragons and many of the Rolling dice games, I was really intrigued as my other geek side arose. A D&D beer essentially here to meet the dual geek side. Awesome stuff I think. Cheers!

Rye bread, Floral, herbal, grassy, piney and herbal hops, toffee, butterscotch, stone fruits like peach and apricot, vanilla, flan hints, caramel, pineaple, dragon fruit, honey, gummy bears, orange marmalade, dark fruit raisins, cherries, brown sugar and maple syrup.

Rye bread, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, grassy, piney, herbal, grapefruit, floral, and citrus hops, maple syrup, toffee, biscuit bread, gummy bears, passion fruit, dragon fruit, pineapple, crème brulee, flan notes, sweetened condensed milk hints, dark fruit raisins, cherries, honey, mango, orange marmalade, stone fruit peaches, apricots, tangerines and brown sugar.

Rich hoppy bitterness lingers in the palate along with some hints of caramel, vanilla, toffee, maple and earthy hop notes. No alcohol in the taste even for close to a 11% ABV. Clear crimson red body, silky and syrupy mouth feel and sipping drinkability.

A perfect example of the super hoppy American Barleywines but excels a bit in the sense that it is well balanced giving rich way to its super malty sweetness but also a super hoppy punch of doom. Rolling the die isn’t going to make you enjoy this one, it is already at the 20 for you as shown in the label. I would recommend this one if hoppy Barleywines are your thing for sure as it is a great example of the style.

Anime Corner:
This original character was used in pairing to pair with the colors but also the representative of chance. As you can see in the picture, she throws not only dice but other items that are used in games of chance such as gambling. The beer is a representative of taking a chance at something awesome but also the wizard as it strike with magic and a critical hit. This is seen through what she is wearing.


Tricerahops by Ninkasi brewing

10917347_10102323491047280_5234351785276997226_n 10928999_10102323491646080_306066297248819862_nRating: 5/5

Tricerahops by Ninkasi brewing is an 8% ABV Double Indial Pale Ale.

Tricerahops is double everything you already love in an IPA. More hops, more malt body and a higher gravity define this Double India Pale Ale. Fiercely flavorful, guaranteed to satisfy.


A beer I have seen for a number of times but didn’t pick up until one day I said, meh, what the hell. Ninkasi brewing makes some awesome beers and so far I have been fortunate to try their Maiden the Shade and Vanilla Oatis. Today I bring their Double IPA to the site. Ninkasi has been a recent find here in California and was not the case in the past. People have asked me about this beer advising that it was really awesome. So I figured I put it to the test. Let’s take a peek, cheers!

Oranges, caramel, honey, floral, grapefruit, grassy, piney and herbal hops, toffee, butterscotch, stone fruits like peach and apricot, brown sugar, pineapple, dragon fruit, honey dew melon, lots of citrus, lemon peel, dank oniony and garlic notes and flowers.

Caramel, honey, Grapefruit, grassy, piney, floral and herbal hops, peach, apricot, tangerine, dragon fruit, mango, rye bread, lychee, pineapple, butterscotch, biscuit bread, garlic and oniony notes, sweet flan hints, orange marmalade, toffee, herbal notes, flowers, lemon peel, guava hints, vanilla hints, oregano, yerba buena/spearmint and good amount of brown sugar.

Caramel, citrus, rye bread, mango, piney herbal and grapefruit hops linger. No alcohol in the taste, crisp, refreshing and almost creamy mouthfeel, clear golden amber body and easy to moderate drinkability.

A very delicious and perfect DIPA in the category of more malty and caramel like with enough hops to balance everything out. It is almost like the east coast style but not as citrusy. Unlike the tropical IPAs I really enjoy, this one I enjoyed since it was pretty balanced. This is almost at the realm of Hop Stoopid as it is super balanced with hops and malty sweetness. Despite those that are to the more extreme hop side and me who enjoys more tropical IPAs, I really liked what this one had to offer and therefore highly recommended.

Anime Corner:
Queen Chrysalis from MLP was used in this pairing mainly to pair with the colors of the label but also the invigorating power of the hops. You can see how the teals and greens kind of meld together in this beer making for one super strong Double IPA. I do not know much about the character but I figured she worked well with this pairing as I am sure being the antagonist comes with supreme power (Hops and ABV) even if she looks damn innocent (Sweet malt yet hoppy balance). Also She looks like a damn dragon and dragons are cool so there! She also has that whole Maleficent thing going on.


Vanilla Oatis by Ninkasi Brewing

558547_10101465093652540_795564566_nRating: 4.45/5

Vanilla Oatis by Ninkasi Brewing is a 7.2% ABV Oatmeal Stout brewed with Vanilla Beans

A delicious Oatmeal Stout with just enough hops to balance the copious quantities of dark roasted malts, oatmeal for a creamy smooth drinkability, and whole vanilla beans for a rich complexity. To achieve this higher level of decadence, we added whole vanilla beans to the final stage of fermentation – the same process we use to dry hop a beer.

Ninkasi brewing has been popping up in California really recently. They have been releasing some nice beers worth trying. So far, this is the second beer I try. I will pick up more as I can but so far everything is going pretty good.

Aromas are of Milk Chocolate, caramel, mocha, hints or raisins and dark fruits, earthy hops, oatmeal cookie notes, coffee, roasted barley and oats, pecans, dark cherry notes and walnuts

Flavors are of Vanilla, roasted oats, milk and dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, earthy hops, hints if dark cherry and raisins, notes of nutty pecans and and walnuts, caramel, mocha, roasted oats and notes of oatmeal cookies

The after taste is roasty and bitter with just enough vanilla beans to maintain and balanced finish. Moderate drinkability with no alcohol presence

Overall, the beer is very good. Without the Vanilla beans to keep everything in check, the roasted notes and earthy hops would most likely over power the beer. If not for the Vanilla, it be a decent stout but the vanilla beans just make it way more delicious. Worth trying once.

Anime Corner: This is Nia Teppelin from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan. In the show, she had not revealed her this true form to her friends and this was because this form (Anti-Spiral) of hers was hidden dormant until the second half of the series. In this form, she was brainwashed and had to do everything the anti-spiral threat told her to do including lead the world to destruction. The beer comparison is complemented not just the label to her colors in the artwork, but the Vanilla it self. Just like the vanilla is used to keep stuff in check for the rest of the roasted character of the beer, Her will and love (Vanilla) for the main character Simon, allowed her to break control of the anti-Spirals hold and regain her consciousness back keeping her self balanced and in full control. At that point, she went back to her friends to help fight off the anti-Spiral threat