Key Lime Pie by Short’s Brewing

525259_10101118068244240_1139149428_n 60622_10101118068284160_1006977364_nRating: 4.25/5

Key Lime Pie by Short’s Brewing is a 5.75%ABV Fruit beer made with marshmallows and lactose with lime and graham crackers added.

Made with fresh limes, milk sugar, graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff, we were able to recreate this popular dessert into a heavenly drinkable version. The prominent flavors are immensely sweet, yet tart, with subtle hints of graham cracker coming through in the nose and remain on the back of the palate. A Gold Medal Winner at the 2010 GABF.

This is another one of those strange what if beers. It is essentially a beer with lime, marshmallow and graham cracker flavors. Upon opening the beer there was a rush of sweet Mike hard lime scent to the nose. There was also this caramel, sugary, cinnamon, graham cracker, citrus, mint, and vanilla. The flavors are of lemon and lime tart, lemon meringue, caramel , some pie crust , graham cracker, sour grape or boysenberry cobbler, almost like a muddy cookie, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and coffee bread notes, spicy marshmallow smores without the chocolate. This beer is like a pumpkin beer would bee if they used limes instead of pumpkins. While it is very tasty and delicious, it is a rather strange beer but also incredibly unique. Nothing I ever tasted was way different than this. Even El Murcielago which was a Tequila Barrel Aged beer which was very unique in its own way was nothing like this one. It is not a style that would probably be seen in many places and kind of hard to get. I actually was able to get a bottle of this online as it is very limited unless you live in Michigan possibly. Overall very unique and very delicious but very different, in a good way.