White Mountain Porter by Big Island Brewhaus of Hawai’i

1526825_10101609398514440_1092986174_nRating: 4.88/5

White Mountain Porter by Big Island Brewhaus of Hawai’i is a 5.8% ABV American Porter brewed with toasted coconut and coffee

This hefty 22 ounce bottle is meant to be shared, but of course you may not want to! You hold a special handcrafted beer brewed and bottled only in Hawai’i. This award winning Robust Porter is brewed with Maris Otter, Crystal, Munich, Chocolate, and Black malts, a blend of American hops, toasted coconut, and White Mountain coffee aromas are followed by hints of rich, silky, dark, malt with nuances of chocolate; hops add spice to balance the finish. A great match with Indian, Thai, Mexican dishes, and perhaps best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Keep refrigerated for freshness.

A very special thanks to my friend Richard and his fiance Megan for bringing me this very special beer from Hawai’i. This is brewed and only sold there. Coconut porters aren’t too common except the other Hawaiian beer from Maui. In comparing this beer I will try to look for some aspects that could be more or less appealing than that beer or any other coconut beers that I have tried in the past.

Coffee beans, mocha, chocolate, earthy hop notes, vanilla, subtle coconut, brown sugar, cinnamon hints, espresso and molasses.

Rich coffee, dark and milk chocolate, toasted coconut, caramel, vanilla, mocha, piloncillo sugar cone, molasses, mild cinnamon notes, ginger bread, mild chocolate abuelita brick, earthy hop notes, mild Irish cream, biscuit bread and honey.

The complex coffee, coconut, ginger bread, cinnamon, brown sugar and earth notes linger. Easy to moderate sipping with no alcohol in the taste. Even at this low ABV, the mouthfeel is big.

Damn very good porter. I am not sure if it is the balance of coffee and coconut,which are more prevalent in the taste, or the spicy notes, but this beer is very delicious. As it warmed up, the coconut and the coffee complemented each other very well. I really think it is the delicious White Mountain coffee but I really don’t know. Regardless, damn, a great beer. Only in Hawai’i which is sad because I would definitely want to get more of this one. I think this is a step up from the Maui Coconut porter for sure.

Anime Corner:
An original art piece of Blade and Soul by Hyung-Tae Kim. In this pairing I wanted to focus on the colors of the label as well as some aspect of Hawai’i like the flowers for example as well as the White Mountain. The combination of Coconut and Porter are in the color of her hair and dress. Black and White. The sunset piece also fits with the scenery of the label as well.