La Trappe Jubaliris XXV 25th Anniversary Ale by Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven

1501787_10101588087322240_2093551938_nRating: 4.56/5

La Trappe Jubaliris XXV 25th Anniversary Ale by Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven is a 6% ABV Belgian Dark Ale

La Trappe Jubilaris has a full, soft, sweet and caramel like flavour. The beer has an average bitterness, but the hop aroma is clearly present in the background. As a result of yeasting with out own La Trappe home yeast, this beer has a characteristic fruity aroma. Serving temperature 10-12 degrees Celcius. Store in a cool and dark place.

Ingrdients: water, various types of malts, hops, yeast

This La Trappe Jubilaris has been brewed especially in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Dom Bernardus. On august 29th 1988, aged 20, he took his monastic vows. Dom, derived from the Latin Dominicis, meaning Lord, is a title for the superior in the tradition of Trappists.

The La Trappe Jubilaris is a special ale that is a cross between Dom Bernardus’ two favourites: La Trappe Dubbel and the La Trappe Isid’or. This anniversary ale combines the best of both. “Find God and live!”, Dom Bernardus would say. The Koningshoeven Brewery likes to add the following: “Enjow this unique Trappist ale”.

Congratiulations Dom Bernardus!

Behold, the 25th Anniversary of the awesome Trappist Monastery, Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven in the Netherlands. La Trappe beers have been very awesome. I have only tried 3 of their beers so far and nothing but perfections in each. This I obtained from Total Wine and More of Redondo Beach California. 

Dulce de leche, bananas, oak, bourbon like hints, pecans, floral notes, dates, biscuit bread, banana and raisin bread, vanilla, granola, brown sugar, nutmeg, apples and wine hints

Bananas, dark fruits, oak, spicy cloves, coriander, citrus, dulce de leche caramel, raisins, candy sugars, pecans, vanilla yogurt hints, honey, almond, granola, mild graham crackers, white wine notes, nutmeg, apples, earthy spices and peach.

Finishing pretty dry with hints of banana bread and raisin cereal. Easy to drink, no alcohol in the taste but watery like mouth feel although crisp and refreshing. 

A very good and close to light Belgian beer. Not overpowering at all. Not the best Trappist beer but delicious and refreshing none the less. You can’t go wrong with banana bunches of oats cereal in a bottle. For those that don’t like a full bodied Belgian beer, this one would probably be awesome.

Anime Corner:
I am unfamiliar with this original artwork for Pixiv Fantasia but the artist is Fujimura marina. The reasoning behind the artwork and this pairing was influenced by the colors of the labels but I was also going for the Monkish or Magical nun look as well. This artwork was very fitting. Let me know what other artistic features you see here.

La Trappe Bockbier by Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven

994519_10101265122745840_1887007567_n1013600_10101265124317690_767718593_nRating: 4.9/5

La Trappe Bockbier by Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven is a 7% ABV Trappist Bock

La Trappe Bockbier is a unique seasonal product, available from autumn onwards. the only Trappist bock and what is more, one that continues to ferment in the bottle. A beautiful deep red colour with a light, bitter aftertaste. 

It has been a very long time since I reviewed a beer from La Trappe. The last one I reviewed was their quadruple which was amazing. La Trappe being one of the 8 registered Trappist breweries in the world makes simply exquisite beers. According to Beer advocate, this is the best beer in its style. The Bock style was brewed in German Monasteries to pass the lenten fasts but some believe it was brewed during the month of Capricorn and so many Bock styles always have the goat association with it. It was used as a symbol of better times going from winters into the spring.

Aromas are of figs, raisins, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, hazelnuts, chocolate, brown sugar and rye bread.

Holy crap, you the flavors are borderline quad but with rich German malt aspects. Dark fruits like raisins, dates, dulce de leche caramel, rich toffee, banana, clove spice along with rye, pecans, hazelnut nectar, chocolate, raspberries, apricot, cinnamon and brown sugar.

This goes down very well. The mouth feel is rich even for a 7% ABV. Lots of malty sweetness, toffee and caramel in the aftertaste. This bock is very good. I think I liked it because of it s quad like elements. It is made by Trappist so you definitely cannot go wrong with this one. All I have to do now is find a 750ml of this.