HopWorks IPA by Hopworks Urban Brewery

1075634_10101284553296860_17952362_nRating: 4.95/5

HopWorks IPA by Hopworks Urban Brewery is a 6.6% ABV Organic India Pale Ale

Ride your Bike!
Our namesake IPA is a Northwest classic. Generous additions of organic Ahtanum, Centennial, Palisade and Cascade hops find their way into the kettle, hop-back and dry-hop. This judicious use of the “brewer’s spice” creates rich and resinous flavors of citrus fruit and pine. The finest organic 2 row, Munich and Caramel malts then bring balance to your new favorite beer.

Wow, aromas are incredible. Lots of grapefruit, caramel, piney, herbal and grassy hops along with orange, toffee, biscuit bread, honey and some tangerines.

The flavors are awesome, lots of grapefruit, piney, herbal and grassy hops along with biscuit, honey, dulce de leche caramel notes? (It somehow seems to workout, go figure), tangerines kiwi and passion fruit.

The aftertaste is kinda bittersweet. It is balanced through and through. It is incredible easy to drink as well and refreshing.

It is an interesting IPA. I have had many IPAs in the past some ranging from more hoppy bitter, to tropical and herbal, but this one is adds a kick by adding the organic munich malts. It gives it a nice caramel sweetness that works well with the IPA hop goodness. I would like to think amber but no, this is not an amber. There is more hops here. Besides, I really think that people that do not necessarily like IPAs should give this a go. There is enough IPA bitterness to keep it going but the sweetness makes it interesting. My favorite IPAs are usually the more tropical ones, but this seems to work so very well! I could find myself drinking a lot, just as good as some of the best I have reviewed here 

Belgian-Style Apple Ale by Hopworks Urban Brewery

1003276_10101279480283220_362030466_nRating: 3.9/5

Belgian-Style Apple Ale by Hopworks Urban Brewery is a 5.8%ABV Belgian Golden Ale brewed with Organic Apple Juice

Hopworks Organic Apple Ale is the marriage of a traditional Belgian Golden Ale with juice from Organic Washington and Oregon apples. Delicate floral aromas layer over tart flavors of freshly picked Honeycrisp and Gala apples. A subtle wheat malt body gives way to a refreshing, effervescent finish. Crisp and delicious as a Fall day in the orchard.

Aromas are of apples, peppercorns, floral an bready hops, flowers like that of saisons, hibiscus, biscuit, 

Flavors are of apples, peppercorns, biscuit bread, honey, pilsnery malts, spicy cloves, flowers, tangy and funky fruit notes almost like a citrus and apricots.

This beer finishes dry leaving a nice refreshing bitterness with some apple and apricot notes. 

For a light, refreshing and crisp Belgian ale, this one goes a long way. For me, I like more apple and Belgian over powering beers like Ephemere or even non beers like the Crispin’s the Saint. Technically the latter is not beer but aside from that, I enjoyed this one. I feel as if I can drink several of these and still feel some great apple and Belgian notes. This is better than the Shocktop Apple Crisp even though that one was the best of their line of beers I have tried. However, this cannot be compared as it is way better than that.

Galactic Imperial Red by Hopworks Urban Brewery

999026_10101279478851090_1033965570_nRating: 3.8/5

Galactic Imperial Red by Hopworks Urban Brewery is a 9.5%ABV Imperial Amber/Red Ale coming in at 100+ IBU

Hopworks Galactic Imperial Red; One small sip for man, one giant bottle for mankind. Robust caramel malt flavors battle NW Centennial, Cascade, Magnum and Nugget hops for interstellar supremacy. Throw down your quarters before it’s game over.

Galaga fans will remember the similarities of this bottle’s beer label. This beer is an organic made beer using organic ingredients. 

Aromas of this beer are of piney and grassy hops, citrus, rich caramel, toffee and biscuits.

Flavors are of Caramel, citrus, slight grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, toffee, biscuit bread, maple, slight peppercorn, earthy and metallic hop notes, oranges and herbal bitterness

The alcohol is somewhat noticeable in this one. I think it gets better as you drink more of it but in the beginning it wasn’t overly impressive. I think the hop character over powers the rest of the beer but some may find this appealing. I like more tropical hop characters but these are more herbal to explain what I mean. The balance is somewhat impartial. You get more hop than malt but that is not too bad at at all. While overall this is still a very good beer, there are other ambers that do more wonders. Still worth the try for sure if you love ambers.