Fred by Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

Rating: 6/6

Fred by Hair of the Dog Brewing Company is a 10% ABV American Strong Ale

Created to honor beer writer and historian Fred Eckhardt. This golden strong ale incorporates ten hop varieties from five different countries. Through the use of aromatic and rye malt, the beer achieves a unique balance of flavor. Fred will inspire you to share your knowledge with others.

Wow.. Damn amazing… Never thought I’d find a tap of this… In all places.. Awesome.. Rich dark fruit and Dulce de lecher pudding

Blue Dot by Hair of the Dog

1010419_10101302625310400_9556510_n 559992_10101302625315390_1730783561_n 553973_10101302625325370_1536550032_nRating: 5/5

Blue Dot by Hair of the Dog is a 7% ABV Double India Pale Ale

Blue Dot is named after our planet: we are only a pale blue dot in this universe. Made with Organic Pilsner, Rye malt and a combination of intense northwest hop varieties. Pour slowly to allow the sediment to remain in the bottle. Make everyday Earth Day. Do Something nice for your mother.
O.G. 1074, 80 IBUs.

Another awesome trade from my friend Richard. I had seem this beer many times and have hear great things about it. I unfortunately missed the chance to pick this beer up. Thanks again for the trade man, this review also goes out to you bro.

Aromas if this beer are of grapefruit, floral, piney and grassy hops, tropical fruits like mango, honey, oranges, biscuit bread notes, pineapple, mandarin, and some minor toffee sweetness.

The flavors are of oranges, grapefruit, flower notes, grass and piney hops, biscuit bread, mandarin, oranges, dragon fruit, rye notes and apricots.

The aftertaste finishes dry but still has some nice bitter and fruity notes. It is a very smooth and easy to drink IPA. Might even impress some people that normally don’t like IPAs. Even though it is, 7% ABV, the part that makes it a Double IPA is because of the extra hops they are using here so you get a lot more hoppiness out of this IPA than with a regular IPA. Very well made stuff and is definitely worth the seek if you can find it.

Adam (Batch 87) by Hair of the Dog

!944350_10101174682289240_2136234286_nRating: 5/5

Adam (Batch 87) by Hair of the Dog is a 10% ABV World Class Old Ale

Adam is made with North­west hops, Organic Pil­sner malt and a vari­ety of spe­cialty grains. The fla­vors in this beer have been com­pared to choco­late, smoke, leather and figs. Brewed in lov­ing mem­ory of Adam Ker­chival (11−30−69 | 01−26−05); Brewer and friend.

This is my first hair of the dog beer review. I heard a lot of great things about this one so when I finally had the chance to try this one, I was pleasantly surprised.

Aromas were very prominent in this beer. Aromas of Cherry, oak, raisins, smoke, chocolate, leather, molasses, licorice,caramel, grapes, figs, tobacco, spiced rum, 

The flavors are of rich dark and bakers choco­late, smoked and roasted malts, campfire marshmallows, raisins, caramel, licorice, soy sauce, molasses, cherries, figs, tobacco, plums, oak, slight rum notes, blueberries, grapes, blackberries and honey glazed ham

Definitely one of a kind beer. Something of a mix smokey sweet but not too sweet while still leaving room for bitterness cannot note the alcohol. Highly recommended. It turned out to be pretty awesome and definitely high class.