Birthday Cake by The Dudes’ brewing

Rating: 6/6
Birthday Cake by The Dudes’ brewing is a 4.9% ABV American Stout brewed with Cake flavors.

Draft Only release, well, at least for the mean time. When I tried this one at the Dudes’ brewing, I simply thought it was amazing. I am not sure what process they used to get the cake flavors in there as extracts are something that not a lot of breweries use. Regardless, sometimes it can cause beers to “taste fake” but this does not taste fake. Some people may not concur but I for one really loved this one so much I wanted to bring it home for analysis. Thanks to the Dudes’ draft canning line or Crowler system, I was able to bring a can home. For a beer that takes super close to chocolate cake I definitely wanted to bring it to the site. Let’s have a look, cheers!
Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate, cake frosting, Tres Leches/Three Milks cake, almond joy chocolate, coffee cake, steamed milk, hazelnut nectar, lactose milk sugar, whipped cream, banana sundae, sweetened condensed milk, crème brulee, vanilla, caramel, molasses and mild dark fruit notes.
Rich frosting of cake flavors, Tres Leches/Three Milks cake (Not just one, lol), vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, flan, sweetened condensed milk, crème brulee, lactose milk sugar, whipped cream, banana sundae, red velvet, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate milk shake, earthy hops, Dark fruit raspberry, cherries, black berries, currants, molasses, toasted coconut hints, madamia nuts, almond joy chocolate, coffee cake, steamed milk, hazelnut nectar, peanut butter notes, pecan pie, Irish cream, Danish cream and chocolate mousse.
Finishing with cake flavor, dark chocolate notes, earthy notes, burnt sugar, vanilla, toffee and caramel.
No alcohol in the taste. Dark body, smooth, creamy, velvety and watery like mouthfeel. Very easy to drink as well.

Let me just say that the reason I thought this beer was damn exceptional was mainly because this is pure liquid cake. The complexities are mainly variations of the cake flavor. While not cloying, the light ABV and semi light body makes up for this ever becoming cloying and yet giving rich cake flavors. I am not sure if natural cake flavors were used to make this but however the process, it is insane and I hope to see this one see a public release! Highly recommended
Anime Corner:
Asmodeus and Astaroth from Shinrabansho were used in this pairing as I wanted mainly to pair with the pastel colors of cake. That and the fact that this beer is evil! Well not evil but its so sweet and awesome it should be evil. Yes, I could of gone with an actual cake pairing, since there is no label, I wanted to think of abstract colors and since these 2 are favorite characters of mine.

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