Organic Raspberry by Samuel Smith Old Brewery

16112738_10103915833385470_2007990980903360229_oRating: 4.75/5

Organic Raspberry by Samuel Smith Old Brewery is a 5.10% ABV Fruit Beer brewed with Raspberries

Handcrafted at Melbourn Bros’ tiny Brewery set in a time warp in Stamford using the old manually operated brewing equipment. Finest organically grown barley and wheat are used to create a complex ale which, having undergone primary and secondary fermentation with different yeasts and extended maturation, is taken to Samuel Smith’s small, independent British brewery at Tadcaster. There it is blended with pure organic cherry, strawberry, raspberry or apricot fruit juices and more organic beer to create fruit beers of considerable strength and flavour. The smooth distinctive character of the matured beer serves as the perfect counterpoint to the pure organic fruit juice.

Samuel Smith beers are some of the best well crafted beers from England. Starting with their oatmeal stouts, Organic Chocolate and even their English Strong Stingo. These beers are common in many places where beer is sold and many people sometimes pass them up. Well, seeing as I really enjoyed many of their offerings, I decided to bring another one of theirs here. This one is the raspberry fruit beer. With my ever increasing love for raspberries and beer, this one was a must. Now that I finally have it ready for the site let’s check it out, cheers!

Rich raspberries, biscuit bread, citrus, strawberry vanilla, cherries, marmalade, guava hints, floral hibiscus, grapes, apricot, passion fruit and mixed berries.

Raspberries, cherries, boysenberries, currant, passion fruit, dragon fruit, guava hints, tomato hints, floral hibiscus, citrus, biscuit bread, roses, raspberry jolly ranchers, cherry cobbler, stone fruit apricot, raspberry marmalade, toasted rye bread, strawberry sundae, vanilla and Chambord liqueur hints.

Finishes with a tart raspberry flavors, cherries, citrus, passion fruit, biscuit bread and flowers. No alcohol in the taste, ruby red clear body, crisp, rich, refreshing and smooth mouthfeel along with a very easy drinkability.

A very good beer tasting exactly as intended. Essentially, this is literally pure raspberry brew. Nothing too crazy, light, and very attractive to non-beer drinkers. If this isn’t a gateway to craft beer, then there really isn’t much that can be helped. This is literally what it is going for and people that like wine and even mixed drinks will like this. Essentially, it almost feels like an alcoholic soda. Highly recommended.
Anime Corner:
Tayuya from Naruto was chosen in this pairing as I wanted to go with the whole colors of her hair and tart sour attitude to go with the flavors, ingredients and label of the beer. For being a beer that seemingly, everyone, even non craftbeer drinkers, it sure looks a lot like a gate way into the awesome world of the craft beer. Tayuya, while seeming like a regular person is actually cursed to become a demon. So like very appealing as the beer maybe, too many and maybe your inner demons would come out too!

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