Botanicals & Barrels Series: Tangerine Quad by Avery Brewing

15540682_10103831568867240_8898157359183137307_oRating: 5.35/6

Botanicals & Barrels Series: Tangerine Quad by Avery Brewing is an 10.1% ABV Belgian Quadruple with Tangerine Peel aged in bourbon barrels.

Citrus Tangerina

Patiently aged in the finest of Bourbon barrels, this bold Belgian-style Quadrupel layers notes of rich, dark fruit, vanilla, and caramel with a burst of tangerine peel culminating in the vibrancy of this full-bodied creation.

Brewed with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, imported Belgian Specialty malted barley, dark Belgian candy sugar, tangerine peel, hops, and Belgian yeast.

When I first saw this I thought it was an awesome idea. I am always open to try one of my favorite styles of beer done by different breweries. Especially barrel aged versions of them. This one was a recent release to the Botanicals & Barrels Series by Avery. The only other brew from this series I have tried was the Vanilla Stout aged in Bourbon. That was one was very awesome. I can only hope this one does the same for me. Let’s take a look, cheers!

Dark candy sugar, caramel, dark fruit raisins, figs, plum, dates, oranges, tangerines, hazelnut, toffee, rye bread, butterscotch, marshmallows, graham crackers, bananas, clove spice, fruit cake, vanilla, oak hints, bourbon, lemon hints, stone fruits and mild coconut.

Rich Tangerines, tangerine gummies, Dark candy sugar, caramel, oak, toasted coconut, bourbon, vanilla, marshmallow smores, pecan, pie, dark fruit raisins, figs, plum, dates, fruit cake, cinnamon, raw sun oranges, old orange notes, lemon peel, kumquats, stone fruit peach, apricot, banana hints, clove spice hints, rye bread, toasted bread, toffee, butterscotch and hazelnut hints.

Finishing with rich with citrus, caramel, dark fruit hints, hints of oak, bourbon, rye bread, banana hints and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste, crimson amber clear body, smooth, creamy, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel along with a moderate to sipping drinkability.

A bit exceptional quad simply due to the transformation given off of the tangerines and the bourbon barrel aging process. While I think the brew is damn awesome and very complex, essentially the brew does have some downsides from being a perfect exceptional brew. For starters, the tangerine, while very delicious, overwhelms the rest of the flavors. The others do come up but not in a balanced way the way other quads do. It is still very ridiculously awesome. I still highly recommend it if you love quads so you can give it a try.
Anime Corner:
Seras Victoria from Hellsing was chosen in this pairing because I wanted some dark fruit colors and religious influences to pair with the style of the brew. The Orange hair was for the Tangerines. Essentially, the show is about using the powers of Alucard under the control of the Vatican to vanquish monsters and demons from the world of the living. Seras essentially was turned immortal by Alucard so she wouldn’t die but it also changed her as well. So in this pairing, I tried to get the colors to fit with the amber and crimson colors of this quad and the flavors amplified with dark fruits and tangerines. Also, bourbon barrel aging would denote their power.

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