Sun Eater by 4th Tap brewing

14525196_10103605761387240_1051269807586486032_oRating: 3.25/5

Sun Eater by 4th Tap brewing is a 4.8% ABV Scottish Gruit/Ancient Herbed Ale/Sorghum Ale

Crisp, herbal, curious, and refreshing.

Commercial Description:
A true son of Texas, this gruit is made with all native Texas ingredients. Sitting on a base of sorghum cane juice and dark brown sugar, Sun Eater is bittered with rosemary and infused with dried lemon peel. It is highly-attenuated for a dry and refreshing finish similar to that of a cider or champagne. This gruit was designed to beat back that Tyrant Sun of hot Texas weather, which is practically year-round, so grab a 6-pack and head out into the world


Here’s a style of beer that does not come by very often. I think in all the times I have reviewed beers; the Scottish Gruit I have only reviewed twice. The New Belgium Gruit and the Fraoch Heather Ale long ago. Thanks to my friend and fellow beer reviewer Aaron Mendiola of, he has graced the site this new entry. Granted, I never had a Gruit made with Sorghum nor do I really know what sorghum taste by itself. I know it is a specialty grain and I know some foods have it in the labels. So I think it would probably be something close to special bread. Also it is gluten free beer, so that will make many happy. Let’s have a look and find out, cheers!

Faint Honey, herbs, piloncillo sugar hints and cane sugar.

Herbs, oregano, basil, chamomile, lavender, hibiscus flower, peppercorn, Sour grape hints, piloncillo sugar cone, lemon grass, lemon peel, limes, cane sugar, biscuit bread, tejuino Mexican Maize drink, salt, citrus, agave hints and stone fruit peach hints.

Finishes dry with some slight herbal hints. No alcohol in the taste. Pale Golden clear body, crisp, very clean and refreshing mouth feel and easy to drink.

An average but good beer. This is definitely unique in the sense that it tries to be somewhat complex but in the sense of the taste. It is very herbal and funky like. Not like a sour or a saison but more like bread and flowers. I think this could be a gateway brew for those that would like to step into the sour and funky farmhouse ales. It isn’t overpowering and yet it is light. This one is worth a try if you like herbal and funky brews. Also, a great alternative to regular beer as it is Gluten Free.

Anime Corner:
Mileena from Mortal Kombat was used in this beer pairing as I was looking for something in regards to the name sun eater. For those that know who she is under the mask, she has a big scary mouth. In the picture she is next to what looks like the sun. so take it to the imagination with what I have given you. She can eat the sun!


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