Who You Callin’ Wussie by Arrogant brewing

13939468_488824511313656_7471091701873208338_n 13876252_488824501313657_7466242366987937237_nRating: 4.25/5

Who You Callin’ Wussie by Arrogant brewing is a 5.8% German Pilsner.

It’s time a pilsner got arrogant


Stone released their Arrogant Bastard on to the world where it travelled and was brewed by many breweries. After the travels, this year, Stone opened a brewery under the Arrogant Bastard brand and one of their initial releases was this pilsner. Essentially, it is a bitter hopped up version of a clean and refreshing pilsner. I figured it would be a great way to commemorate their new brewery with the review of this new canned release. This will sell in many places that sell Arrogant Bastard already. Let’s check it out, cheers!

Floral, herbal and grassy hops, lemon zest, citrus, biscuit bread, tropical fruit hints, lemon peel, stone fruit hints, and vanilla hints.

Citrus, cane sugar hints, crackers, Pilsner malt, biscuit bread, tropical fruit kiwi, mango hints, passion fruit hints. Honey dew melon hints, lemon zest, lemon peel, grape hints, pears, stone fruit peach hints, honey, vanilla, lemon candy hints, floral, herbal, grassy and piney hops.

Finishing with clean and dry with very mild citrus, tropical fruit hints and grapefruit hops on the back end. No alcohol in the taste, Pale hay colored clear body, crisp, clean and refreshing mouth feel and easy to drink.

Very good and hoppy pilsner. Super clean and very delicious. While I think it is not as tongue ruining as the Arrogant Bastard or an IPA, this is awesome as it still maintains its style as being a pilsner. A definite recommendation for those that love a true summer/lawnmower beer to quench those hot days. Especially since it’s made from the true King of Beers brand, the Arrogant Bastard!!

Anime Corner:
Jinie Kwon from The Breaker: New Waves manhwa was used in this pairing as I have wanted to do a pairing with her for a very long time. Especially since I had finished the manhwa. She pairs well with this beer since she has the fiery red hair which are the colors of the Arrogant Bastard. While not too arrogant like this beer, she is very rebellious and a master of martial arts. No doubt she felt the part as she is no Wussie!!!


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