Primavera Pils by Avila Ales

13392197_10103320758595120_5467561537762082162_oRating: 4/5

Primavera Pils by Avila Ales is a 4.73% ABV Bavarian Pilsner.

Originally brewed at the Avila Household, my friend Richard Avila wanted to create 2 beers for his son’s birthday. This one and a California Common. After talking it over, we took both of our brewing supplies and double brewed both the recipes that day at his parent’s place where he used to live. I figured, the more equipment, the faster we can get the brew day finished rather than doing one brew at a time. Thanks to my friend Richard, he has given me these homebrews for review.

This is the Bavarian Pilsner, a light clear ale that’s is more on the lager and pilsner side. This one is definitely the one for the summer. Essentially the “Lawnmower Beer” that is enjoyed by many of those that typically do not drink complex beers. Let’s have a review on it, cheers!

Floral notes, biscuit bread, cereal grain, honey, minor citrus hop hints, grape hints and cane sugar hints.

Pilsner grain, biscuit bread, cereal grain, citrus, piney hop hints, clove spice hint, honey, floral hints, lime peel, buttered toast hints, cane sugar, honey dew melon hints, mild stone fruit hints, mild grape hints, vanilla hints and peppercorn hints.

Finishes dry and clean with hints of pilsner grain and honey. No alcohol in the taste, Golden honey clear body, crisp, clean and refreshing mouth feel and very easy to drink.

Drinks just like a lawn mower beer. I really enjoyed this one as it was very clean and clear. Unlike the typical lager though, this one is very flavorful unlike the dry flavorless macros. The best part is that there is no homebrew taste. For as difficult as making these light styles are, my friend hit big with this one. I hope my friend Richard makes this one makes this one again but definitely this one is a winner.

Anime Corner:
Vocaloid Megurine Luka was used in this pairing as I wanted show the coming of spring as it flows in through in like a musical pattern just like the pattern of flowers that come once the winter has finished. I feel like this picture worked the best to represent the spring or primavera.



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