Frucht: Passion Fruit by The Bruery Terreux

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Frucht: Passion Fruit by The Bruery Terreux is a 4.3% ABV Berliner Weisse with Passion Fruit

Fruity – Funky – Racy

We’re totally Frucht around here. In fact, we may just be filled to the brim, with excitement, that is. Our threshold is 250 BBLs, to be more precise. That’s the total capacity of each new oak foeder at Bruery Terreux. One is dedicated exclusively to Frucht, our new series of fruited Berliner Weisse-style beers. Known for a tart flavor profile and traditionally low ABV, our new German-style wheat beer gains even more funky notes and natural earthy-woodiness from its fermentation in the large oak foeder vessel.

Each installment in the series will feature a new fruit, or Frucht, if we’re Sprechen sie Deutsch. This first installment has passion fruit added, which escalates the tartness, tropicality and palate-cleansing prowess of the base beer. Prost!


Released to all 3 Bruery Societies (Preservation, Reserve and Hoarders) for Quarter 1 2016, this brew is the first from the Frucht series of beers where they will try to create a variety of sour brews using various brews. An awesome way to start as the series using an exotic fruit such as passion fruit. I definitely love passion fruits and also love Dragon fruits so if you make a Dragon fruit one, please do Bruery. So this one I believe they take the base Berliner (Hottenroth) and make it with passion fruits. I have tried other version of Hottenroth which are decent tangy sours. Let’s see how this one comes up. Cheers!

Fig plant, Floral notes, lavender, passion fruit, wine grapes, farmhouse hay, funky sour notes, citrus blossom honey, dragon fruit hints, papaya, guava tart, pineapple, coriander spice, lemon peel, strawberry hints and wheat bread.

Rich Tart Passion fruit pulp, Pineapple, floral notes, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, citrus peel, mango peels, wine grapes, farmhouse hay, banana hints, coriander spice, peppercorn hints, strawberry notes, dragon fruit, wheat bread, sourdough bready hints, citrus blossom honey, tomato notes, papaya, stone fruit apricots, sour apple notes, oak, hibiscus, lavender and tart guava hints.

Finish super dry with notes of flowers, super tart passion fruit, oak and lemon peel. No alcohol in the taste, clear golden light body, crisp, refreshing and effervescent mouthfeel with a moderate to sipping drinkability.

A very good and super tart fruit sour brew. The passion fruit is dominant and tarty while still giving that refreshing Berliner experience. You can definitely tell it is more of the actual passion fruit and not a natural flavor of passion fruit. This is definitely something that is a great start for the series and hope they use more exotic fruits. This beer is definitely recommended to those that enjoy super tarty sour beers as it is very tart.

Anime Corner:
Roll from the Megaman Series was used in this series since I have been meaning to pair her with a Bruery beer for a long time. Her colors complement the colors of the label and the passion fruit itself. While such a light beer (ABV) it may complement Roll’s miniature appearance but remember, just the way this is super tart, Roll hides some very destructive power. Don’t make her mad (sip with caution) otherwise she will sour your soul!


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