Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale by Small Town brewery

10649795_10103153466085650_4486676957507256294_nRating: 3.75/5

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale by Small Town brewery is a 5.9% ABV Spiced Ale brewed with Ginger.

This is beer flavored with spices. We like to think of it as a refreshing ale with ginger, best served chilled or poured in a glass over ice. We know you’ll enjoy it, we do.


I picked up a 6 pack at local Lucky’s grocery store near my house. Having enjoyed the rootbeer they first released, I wanted to try out their new creation and see how it fared. They will be releasing a vanilla cream one so I definitely want to check that out. I realize this is not beer so my rating is based not in terms of beer but just what I think of it. Let’s check this one out. Cheers!

Vanilla, honey, butterscotch, ginger spice, lemon, lime soda, apple notes and cane sugar.

Ginger spice up front, honey, butterscotch, vanilla, cane sugar, lemon, lime soda, apples, cane sugar, peach notes, peppercorns and green tea hints.

Ginger spice is present in the aftertaste finishing very dry with cane sugar hints.No alcohol in the taste. Clear golden light body, crisp, refreshing and effervescent mouthfeel and very easy to drink.

A pretty good Ginger ale. It really just taste like a regular ginger ale soda. The flavors and spices mask the alcohol extremely well. For this being an alcoholic ginger ale, they nailed it pretty well. Although it is not in the regular beer or ale category for sure. Their root beer was the same although I liked that one more as a root beer. This one was enjoyable regardless and would recommend a try.

Anime Corner:
Terumi Mei from Naruto was used in this pairing as I wanted to pair a ginger with a ginger ale, simple as that. Since I have not used her in a beer pairing, I thought it be the perfect opportunity to do so. Also, her bathing suit pairs well with the beach scenery of the label.


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