Razzy by Community Beer Company

12716358_10103065591017990_6285910860143694998_oRating: 4/5

Razzy by Community Beer Company is a 5.5% ABV Witbier brewed with raspberries

Razz begins as our World Beer Cup Gold Metal-winning Witbier, a year-round offering. After primary fermentation, we add natural raspberry puree to create a secndary fermentation.

The fresh raspberry character melds perfectly with this gently spiced Belgian-style wheat beer.


Obtained this brew from my friend Aaron Mendiola of BeerMetalDude.com. I am really looking forward to this one as I think fruit beers are awesome. So basically I saved the best for last? I hope it is. This is the first time I try a brew from Community Beer Company and surely a good way to start with a raspberry brew. Cheers!

Stone fruit peach, apricot, citrus, wheat bread, banana notes, clove spice, honey, raspberry notes, brown sugar, apples, vanilla and grapes.

Rich Raspberry, Coriander, citrus, wheat bread, banana notes, clove spice, honey, peppercorn notes, Belgian candi sugar, stone fruit peach, apricot, mango hints, apples, bubble gum, grapes, vanilla, raspberry cobbler, brown sugar, rock candy and phenolic notes.

Finishing with raspberries, bubble gum notes, phenolic notes, citrus and stone fruit. No alcohol in the taste, grapefruit colored full body, crisp refreshing and smooth mouthfeel and easy to drink

A very good raspberry brew. Light overall with the raspberry being a driving factor that I think is what allowed me to give it a decent score. It is not in your face raspberry sweeteness but the slight complexity of the beer is enough to keep it interesting and very drinkable. Certainly something I would be able to drink several of. I would recommend a try!

Anime Corner:
Sakura Haruno from Naruto was used in this pairing as I wanted to do another Raspberry brew. I guess I am on a roll with using her on raspberry beers since she has the colors. In this pic, I wanted something subtle to pair as it is a light brew. Hence the bright colors and how the label looks like an exploding raspberry.


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