The Cause IPA by Brazos Valley brewing

12694774_10103065589730570_4388934823350502397_oRating: 2.75/5

The Cause IPA by Brazos Valley brewing is a 7% ABV India Pale Ale

Commercial Description:
Our IPA brings intense hop flavors and aromas from a unique blend of Columbus, Centennial, and Cascade hops. This 85 IBU IPA is bittered with Columbus hops for a strong resiny and pungent bite, then flavored with Centennial and Cascade hops for citrus finish with a floral aroma. After the boil we add aroma hops at flameout, and then dry hop with copious amounts of Cascade hops to push this experience over the edge.


Obtained this brew from my friend Aaron Mendiola at This is the first time I try something from Brazos Valley brewing. I have never had anything from them but it is always awesome to try something new from the nooks and crannies of the craft beer industry. Sometimes Gems are found and I feel it is our duty as reviewers to see how good the gems are to allow you to embark on your own craft beer treasure hunt. Kinda goes with the name, the Cause!

Malty caramel, citrus, piney hop hints, honey, biscuit bread and stone fruit hints.

Lots of Honey, caramel, hints of citrus, piney and grassy notes, toasted bread, oranges, tangerine gummies, biscuit bread, cane sugar, stone fruit peach, mild mango and honey dew melon.

Finishing dry with mild hop notes, caramel and honey. No alcohol in the taste. Honey colored light to medium body, smooth, crisp, syrupy and refreshing mouthfeel and moderate drinkability.

An okay brew. I am not sure if the hops died out or maybe the can may have not been as fresh but I definitely noticed more malts in this one. While I love more malty beers and this is fantastic as a malty brew, ultimately, if you love hops you may want to compare reviews of this beer since this one is imbalanced with the hops. I love me some good IPAs but I think I would need to try another fresher one to change my opinion on this one. So far, unless you like malty IPAs be my guest.

Anime Corner:
Cyber Elf by Ronin Dude of Deviant Art was used in this pairing as I wanted to pair with the colors but also the name, the cause. Like fighting for a cause. Sometimes when someone fights for a cause, they have a reason to be heroic or epic in many cases. The girl fighting and looking bad ass is a testament to doing something for a cause.


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