Peach Bexarliner by Freetail Brewing

12507521_10103028606974310_8776022495670884390_nRating: 4.75/5

Peach Bexarliner by Freetail Brewing is a 6.5% ABV Berlinerweisse brewed with peaches.

As summer swelters on, we bring you this wistful twist on our tart seasonal Berliner Weisse. Brewed to a higher gravity and refermented on Texas peaches, this refreshing ale recalls the first blossom of spring and the fulfilled promise of the fruits of summer.


Another awesome brew from my friend Aaron Mendiola of makes its way to the site. This time, a Berliner from Freetail with peaches. Typically, Berliners are tart to sour like light and refreshing brews. With the addition of peaches to this one, I would think it would enhance the stone fruit presence of the original beer. Freetail is one of my favorites so far from Texas and the fact that we have some of their beers on the site here is definitely an honor. Without further ado, let us analyze this brew. Cheers!

Stone fruits, lemon peel, waffle cone, biscuit bread, coriander spice, peppercorn, pilsnery malt, orange peels, wheat bread, biscuit bread, honey and grape notes.

Stone fruit Tart and rich peaches, apricots, mango hints, biscuit bread, wheat, coriander spice, orange peel, tart white grapes, cranberry hints, wheat bread, dough, honey, strawberry hints, tangerines, vanilla, cane sugar, passion fruit hints, lemon peel, sweet limes, waffle cone, peach cobbler and sweetened condensed milk hints

Finishing dry with some left over tartness from the stone fruits, wine grape notes, sweet biscuit bread
No alcohol in the taste. Hazy golden body, rich, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink.

A Berliner that is jam packed full of peaches and still has delicious tartness to boot. I like how the edge of sweetness is balancing with the tartness reminding you this is still a tarty sour beer but still sweet. I think this would probably be the best Berliner I have had in a while and I give thanks to my friend Aaron for sending this my way. A definite recommend.

Anime Corner:
Tenshi Hinanawi from Touhou Project was brought back to a beer pairing with peaches as I like using her in reviews especially with peach beers. This time however, I was able to nail an artwork that best paired not only with the flavors of the beer but the nice colors of the label with the reds, blues, yellows and other colors. A sweet pairing overall.


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