Despertado en Manzanilla by Freetail brewing

12593645_10103030121908370_6709390027224427411_oRating: 4.5/5

Despertado en Manzanilla by Freetail brewing is a 7.3% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Chamomile and aged in oak barrels.

The first batch of Witicus at our new S. Presa digs was a lesson in brewhouse perseverance. We put it to bed in a combination of our old pub barrels that produced Ananke and Woodicus, as well as newer barrels recently relinquished from viticulture. We crossed our fingers and dreamed of Woodicus. What we got was an unexpected delight: rough-edges smoothed over, slightly tart nuances threading through and chamomile awakened in all its humble glory.


Awoken in Chamomile as stated by the name was a brew that was traded to me by my friend Aaron Mendiola from This one uses Freetail’s base brew, Witicus but aged in oak with some Chamomile. A very awesome sounding beer that we were able to bring to the website thanks to Aaron. There aren’t many brews out there that use Chamomile in the beers and to have this one here is very unique. For Freetail brewing, let’s see how their Chamomile beer stacks up. Cheers!

Stone fruit apricot, peaches, lime notes, orange peel, cane sugar, chamomile, honey, floral notes, hibiscus, peppercorn, oak, wine notes, funky notes, banana hints, strawberry hints, biscuit bread, crème brulee hints, yerba buena mint and brown sugar.

Honey, Chamomile, hibiscus notes, floral notes, peppercorn, oak, white wine grapes, funky notes, wheat bread, coriander spice, Stone fruit apricot, peaches, lime notes, orange peel, cane sugar, honey comb, banana hints, strawberry hints, biscuit bread, crème brulee hints, yerba buena mint, green tea and earthy notes.

Finishes dry with some notes of oak, chamomile, oak, wine grapes and cake sugar. No alcohol in the taste. Golden Honey colored full body, crisp, smooth, refreshing and rich mouthfeel with an easy drinkability.

A very good beer. Some notes of the chamomile are present but mainly some complex goodness melds together into a very nice tart brew. I think fans of saisons and wild ales will dig this one. Thanks to my friend Aaron for this delicious brew and Freetail for making it. Hopefully, one day we can get Freetail beers around the west coast.

Anime Corner:
Original Bee Girl was used in this pairing as it represents the bee and the colors of the flavors and the label of this beer. Bees and bats go hand in hand like I stated a while back in my homebrew about how they relate to extracting nectar from flowers. The same nectar that coincides with the delicious nectar of this beer and the Chamomile flowers the bees get it from. So to me the bee girl was the good choice for this.


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