Sweep The Leg (Karate Kid Beer) by Infamous brewing

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Sweep The Leg (Karate Kid Beer) by Infamous brewing is an 8% ABV American Stout brewed with Peanut Butter.

Cobra Kai

Peanut butter & Chocolate are a match made in heaven. Sweep The leg has roasted peanut nose and a subtle but noticeable peanut butter finish. Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy!!

Commercial Description:
“Sweep the Leg” Peanut Butter Stout is based on an American Stout with the unique addition of peanut butter. The peanut butter is added during the fermentation process for maximum flavor. The beer has a roasted peanut butter nose, smooth body, light hop profile and a noticeable but subtle peanut butter finish.


Obtained this one through one of the many awesome trades with my friend Aaron Mendiola at www.beermetaldude.com. This is indeed, the Karate Kid beer. For many that do not know about the original 1980’s classic, Cobra Kai was the dojo for martial arts where the antagonist sensei John Kreese was the master. He taught his student Johnny Lawrence to “sweep the leg” of the protagonist Daniel LaRusso during the match near the end of the movie which caused Daniel to almost lose the match, was it not for Mr. Miagi’s awesome healing. Anyways, this tribute is for the dojo and the movie and seeing as it is one of a kind, I am glad I was able to get this to the site thanks to my friend Aaron. Much awesomeness! Cheers a many!

Rich roasty notes of barley, coffee, Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Irish cream, mocha coffee, espresso, nutter butter cookies, dark fruit notes of raisins, cherries currants, vanilla, pecan pie, hazelnut chocolate mousse, peanut butter and brown sugar.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, roasted barley, peanut butter, peanut brittle, earthy hop notes, chocolate mousse, dark fruit raisins, currants, cherry, vanilla, molasses, roasted peanuts, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar hints, walnuts, pralines, caramel, butterscotch hints, Irish cream, mocha coffee, espresso, nutter butter cookies and lactose milk sugar sweetness.

Finishing with a nutty unsweetened peanut butter flavor, dark fruit, dark chocolate, earthy hop and roasted barley bitterness. No alcohol in the taste, dark full body, smooth, creamy and velvety mouthfeel and an easy to moderate mouthfeel.

A very good beer displaying more characteristics of actual peanut butter than natural peanut butter flavorings like some of the other beers I have had. Basically more of a peanut and nuttiness which is very pleasant for those that do not like absolute sweetness in their beers. It reminded me of my home brew as I did actually add the dry peanut butter in the primary fermentation as they did as well so the outcome is great. I am glad I did something right and this beer proves it. An awesome beer especially if you love peanut butter beers but also Karate Kid.

Anime Corner:
Ranma Saotome and Shampoo from Ranma ½ were used in this pairing to pair with the colors of the label, martial arts and sweep the leg as you can see Ranma do so in the artwork. In this case however, Shampoo, the hot Amazonian with the blue hair is the antagonist in this case where as Ranma is the protagonist. Interesting how it is the opposite of the movie. However, in recent film theory, there is information showing that Daniel was the true antagonist. Check this video out to see what I mean



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