Collaboration Series: Souren, a collaboration with The Bruery Terreux and 8 Wired brewing

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Collaboration Series: Souren, a collaboration with The Bruery Terreux and 8 Wired brewing is a 9.9% ABV Sour Belgian Golden with Pinot Noir Grapes.

Souren is named for our pal Søren who runs the show down in the far-off land of New Zealand at 8 Wired Brewery. Taking the long way home after a trip to the States, Søren and his team stopped off in Placentia for a day of brewing, and we created a very California-style sour beer together. Starting with a Belgian-style golden ale base, Pinot Noir grapes were added and the beer was sent to rest in barrels at Bruery Terreux. Over the year, the complexities grew and this grapey, funky, spicy beer was born. Half Kiwi, half American, this one has a rather handsome accent.


Released by the Bruery Terreux for the Reserve Society members in August 2015 after they opened their new Sour Facility. This beer is in collaboration with 8 wired which I have not tried their stuff yet but I might give them a shot now that I know of them. So this sour is supposed to cross into the realm of the wine level or so the pinot noir grapes indicate this. Sour have a special place when it comes to the wine world as some of the flavors might complimentary. It is just a thought but if not, lets just continue and give this one a shot, Cheers!

Rich wine grapes, funky musty grapes, Stone fruit, apricots, peaches, apples, mango hints, strawberries, dark fruit cherries, plums, prune hints, tart berries, black berry, dragon fruit, passion fruit, Tart pineapple, oak, hibiscus flowers, lavender, peppercorns and brown sugar.

Rich Concorde grapes, pinot grapes, wine grapes, white grapes, champagne, Stone fruit, apricots, apples, mango hints, strawberries, vanilla, toffee, lemon peel, orange peels, prickly pears, grapefruit peel, peppercorn, funky notes, farmhouse hay, dark fruit cherries, plums, prune hints, tart berries, black berry yogurt hints, dragon fruit, passion fruit, Tart pineapple, oak, hibiscus flowers, lavender and white sage spice.

Tart grapes, Tart Apricots, Tart Strawberries, yogurt notes, lemon, citrus, earthy funk notes, hay hints and mild tropical fruit hints. No alcohol in the taste, Honey Golden clear light body, moderate mouthfeel, crisp, moderate drinkability,

A very good sour! Seems like the Bruery has really been working to step up their sour expertise. I found this pleasantly wonderful with a great balance of tart fruits and sour funkiness. I am not sure how much the 9.9% ABV helps to keep stuff in check but it seems to be working because everything is pretty balanced. For those that do not like sour, this maybe a gate way into them as you will take a liking to its sweetness and then pulled in to the sour Nirvana. Highly recommended.

Anime Corner:
Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill has made her way into her first appearance in a Bruery review. I chose her for this beer mainly due to her infamous Japanese phrase “Nani Sore!” Which you maybe able to tell it is close to the name of the beer. That and the fact that this beers balance is on the tart fruity and the sour funk. Nonon is the type of character that is sweet looking and hot on the outside like the sweet fruit flavors of the beer but damn, she can be rude, obnoxious and in some for rotten to the core which coincide with the sour funkiness. However, it is not to say she is a bad girl by any means as she is a supporting character to the protagonist’s sister (Ryuko’s sister Satsuki). So because the beer so delicious and balanced, she works out for this beer. Not to mention, her pink colors contrast that of the rich berries and grapes.


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