La ManzArcángel by Nubis Sanctum Ales

1540429_10102488535761350_3943524118295874068_o 10956465_10102488535771330_6750717636772418979_o 11037509_10102488558266250_4701078086080888783_oRating: 4.5/5* Cider rating

La ManzArcángel by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 13% ABV Belgian Trappist Cider made with Organic Agave Syrup and Brown Cane Sugar.

Project # 4 was my first attempt at creating a cider using 100% Apple Cider, Organic Agave Syrup, Brown Cane sugar and Trappist yeast. The name derives from a combination of the word Manzana for Apples in Spanish and Arcángel. Basically the Apple Archangel. The original idea came from trying to replicate Crispin’s The Saint which is made similarly but with maple syrup. While I could not get the recipe exactly, I decided to make my own by using Organic Agave syrup. There were the results so let us see where my crazy experiment went.

Apples, honey, brown sugar, phenolic notes, vanilla hints, dulce de leche caramel hints, mild cherry notes and grapes.

Dark fruit hints plum, peaches, grape hints, apples, pears, strawberry, cherry hints, brown sugar, cane sugar, agave hints, banana hints, clove hints, pineapple, citrus, Stone fruit peach and apricot hints, peppercorn, floral notes, vanilla, cinnamon, dulce de leche caramel hints, toffee and pecan pie hints.

Slight dry finish with good sugary apple remnants, pears, berries, banana, clove spice hints, caramel, vanilla and chardonay. Slight boozyness in the taste, Gold Hazy body, sipping drinkability and a slight crisp and creamy mouthfeel.

While I found this one very good, I still couldn’t help that the yeast pretty much ate the majority of the sugar but because it was this Belgian liquid yeast, it did not leave it dry. The problem I realize was that I had used a high gravity Trappist yeast instead of a low gravity one making this reach the 13% ABV mark. I felt it was pretty high for a cider and was concerned about the product being too boozy. However, after trying it when it was carbonated, it came out just fine. The weeks it took to bottle conditioned mellowed out the alcohol and really let some of the cider play well with the ingredients. This cider can use some aging for sure to see where it will be at several years later. For now, I was pretty impressed with the results either way and hope the next cider project becomes awesome.

Anime Corner:
Lightning Claire Farron, from the Final Fantasy XIII series was chosen in this pairing to go with the Belgian Cider as I wanted to use something that had to do with something Holy as it is a Belgian Monk themed cider and similarly, I wanted to do something like the saint. The Spanish name was give as it uses the Agave Syrup as I mentioned before. For lightning, she became a messenger of God, a holy knight of God in the series. The fact that I found an artwork where she is holding what appears to be an apple as well as the fact that she has the angel wings and is close to God, well, it couldn’t get any closer to exactly what I was looking for in this pairing. The fact that it became 13% ABV and the fact that she became just as powerful as God in the series, it represented the strength of the cider and well really well.


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