Happy 2nd Anniversary Brewerianimelogs! + No. 22 Barrel Aged Series 5 Monks by Avery brewing Review

10580230_10102027159822430_3593632871374419105_nRating: 7/5

No. 22 Barrel Aged Series 5 Monks by Avery brewing is a 19.39% ABV World Class Belgian Quintuple/Sextuple Aged in Bourbon Barrels.

So yeah, it’s MUCH bigger and bolder than a quad. But the term “sextupel” seems inappropriate alongside a congregation of monks, so quintupel it is.

Bottled July 17 2014
Production 874 Cases

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of Brewerianimelogs and I am very happy for all my readers and fans. Thank you all for the liking the site and reading my reviews. I did a special on my 1st Anniversary long ago that is definitely worth the read if you want to know about my story and the site: https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/happy-1st-brewerinanimelogs-anniversary/

As for being the the 2nd Anniversary of my website, I had to go with a special beer. Now this beer was given to me by my friend Aaron Mediola at www.beermetaldude.com in Texas and it was something that he was able to get for me at the last minute as I was unable to get it since it ran out in my local places here in California. So definitely a special thanks to Aaron, Cheers Brother!

Right next to Chocolate Rain but not including beers past 20% ABV, this is the strongest Belgian Strong Dark Ale I have ever come across or even the strongest beer for that matter. I expected nothing less from Avery. The Quintuple and Sextuple is an extremely rare style to come by. The only thing that I have tried that comes close to this style is possible Barrel Aged Quadruples (Straffe Hendrix 2011 Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad II) or even the Judgment Day Quad Aged in Oak with Cherries (Cuvee De Tomme). So for one to come out and say, this beer is a brand new style, I’ll be damned if we don’t see it here on Brewerianimelogs, the lost treasures of taste and experience. So for the special occasion, I really had to dig hard for the art work and what I really like and well, I really had to see if this beer was going to be up to expectations. I will be skeptical at first but at the same time it doesn’t help that the Belgian Quadruple is my favorite beer style ever or the fact that the Quintuple is like a 4th dimension to my 3rd dimension perspective on taste. I don’t know what to expect but wish me luck. Thought this tiny bottle of potion you may be, another existence and possibility will my senses thus see… Cheers!!

High dose of Rock Candy, Dark Candi Sugars, Brown Sugars, Oak, Agave like nectar, dark fruits like raisins, plums, figs, cherries, Belgian chocolate dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate notes, banana cream pie, cherry pie, pecan pie, hazelnut, almond joys, honey, highly spirited liquor notes like brandy, rum, bubble gum, plantain, tres leches flan, leather, ginger bread, all spice, molasses, rocky road ice cream, flan, crème brulee, all spice, clove spice, rich banana splits, cookie dough, fruity preserves, toasted coconut, mocha, currants, port wine, grapes, agave nectar, graham cracker smores, marshmallows, chocolate truffles and boozy sugars enough to give one a sugar coma with just a whiff.

Extreme dose of dark fruits like raisins, plums, figs, dates, dark cherries, raspberries, bourbon, dulce de leche rich caramel, vanilla, oak, tres leches, banana cream pie, plantain, clove spice, grilled bananas, rock candy, candi sugars, pecan pie, flan, crème brulee, toffee, leather, tobacco, toasted coconut, bubble gum, brown sugar, agave nectar, molasses, ginger bread, all spice, nutmeg, hazelnut nectar, almond joy chocolate, Belgian chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, rocky road ice cream, cookie dough, mocha, Kahlua hints, Chocolate truffles, marshmallow chocolate graham cracker smores, honey, fudge cake, cheese cake, velvet mousse, French vanilla ice cream, rye bread, biscuit bread, kiwi preserves, concord grapes, cherry pie, currants, port wine, chocolate chips, hints of brandy, hints of rum, hints of bubble gum, yum yum yum!!

Pecan pie, caramel, vanilla, bananas, dark fruits, leather notes, oak, port wine, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and rich sugary syrup lingers. Despite level of ABV, there is nothing about the alcohol that detracts from any of the flavors. This is a syrupy thick beer. Sipping drinkability, Full mouthfeel, pitch black body, hardly any head retention.

Quite possibly, the Best Belgian Quad/Quint/Sext in existence I have ever tried. Westvleteren and St. Bernardus 12 ABT, this is certainly taking the lead guys. The saddest part about this beer is the fact that it is going to be so rare, limited and at only 12oz. It really makes me wish I had way more of this to the point where I did not want to let the last drops leave. They are a part of my soul now. I spent an entire 2 hours trying to figure out this beer as best I could and I am sure I missed some notes. I think that is how complex this beer was as the temperature kept changing. Even for 12 ozs, this was definitely a Vatican lost scroll of a relic or the holy grail of beers. This comes so far into the Bruery’s territory it ain’t even funny. If this was a 750ml, I would be dangerously in trouble. Extremely Highly recommend you get a bottle of this saintly beer. Not for those who cannot drink a highly potent beer! And Finally, to my friend Aaron, Thank you brother, this really hit on many levels. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Sora, Cloud Strife, Aya Brea, Lightning Claire Farron and Noctis Lucis Caelum from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV respectively were the 5 chosen monks in this beer pairing. These characters have been some of the highest most popular characters in JRPG history and thus an anime pi cure with all 5 of them was something I could not deny was the perfect pairing. If you remember correctly, I have used some of these characters in some of the best beers, like Claire in Dark Lord and Aya in Hellfighter from Texas. They relate to the beer in bad assery but also in the strength and complexity that even I cannot fathom. I guess being a big fanboy, it was just the right road to take with this one. The colors, and location pair with the flavors, the label, and more. So much to describe here, you figure it out, that is your homework!!

This beer also reminds me of the hardest battle in Final Fantasy history, the 5 Judges in Final Fantasy XII. This battle was just as hard as me trying to figure out everything this magic potion/elixir had to offer…



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