Smokey and The Bois collaboration by The Bruery and The Rare Beer Club

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Smokey and The Bois collaboration by The Bruery and The Rare Beer Club is a 16.2% ABV World Class American Strong Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels with Vanilla Beans & Cacao Nibs.

I”ll Have it Rare…
This dark rich brew is a special creation made for our friends at the Rare Beer Club. Three cheers to your past, present & future!

Created and brewed exclusively for the Rare Beer Club to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of Smokey And The Bois is a delightful melange of our favorite bourbon barrel aged beer flavors. Rich malt, burnt toffee, a hint of smoke and toasty oak along with fresh vanilla and raw cacao. This rarity will be a joy to drink now or many years down the road…at the next anniversary!


The rare beer club and The Bruery collaborated to make this awesome and monstrous creation. Only way to get this was to be a member of the Rare Beer Club or the Bruery’s Reserve/Hoarders Society. Meaning you will have to trade to get this. That is why it is rare. This beer is a blend of Black Tuesday Imperial Stout, Bois Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale and Smoking Wood imperial rye porter brewed with beech- and cherrywood smoked malt and all that with Vanilla Beans and Ecuadorian Nacional Cacao Nibs. Basically, this would be an equivalent of Melange 3 except with Smoking Wood replacing White Oak/White Chocolate. Pretty damn insane… Well, if you happen to find it, hopefully my review here will help you figure out what to expect. Thank you for reading and cheers! 🙂


Rich dark chocolate, sweet, milk chocolate, Rich bananas, whiskey, vanilla bourbon, coconut, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, plums, dates, figs, BBQ, pecan pie, hazelnut, creme brulee, flan, candi sugar, graham crackers, marshmallow smores, wine grapes, tres leches/Three milks, Irish cream, brandy, rye bread, oak, apples, Leche Nestle sweetened condenced milk, molasses, port wine, campfire, bacon, burnt sugar, honey, toffee and brown sugar.


Rich Dark, sweet, bakers and milk chocolate syrup, campfire smoke, BBQ, Whiskey Bourbon, Vanilla, rocky road ice cream, Rich bananas, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raisins, plums, dark cherries, choco flan, tres leches/three milks cake notes, leche nestle sweetened condenced milk, raisin bread pudding, hazelnut, pecan pie, chocolate marshmallow smores, candi sugars, oak, apples, crème brulee, brown sugar, molasses, anise, wine grapes, brandy, rye bread, honey, toffee, port wine, almond joy chocolate, coconut, sherry, burnt sugar, macaroons and more!


Rich Smoked marshmallow, graham cracker with almond joy dipped in caramel, earthy notes, whiskey vanilla and BBQ hints linger. Alcohol is very subtle despite the ABV. Smooth yet you need to sip drinkability, pitch black appearance and rich full body with a syrupy mouth feel.


This is not a beer, this a sugar bottle full of rich syrupy goodness ladies and gentlemen. This little bottle of Diabetes was able to ascend the level of favorite next to the Melange 3. Trying to figure out how this beer worked was a crazy task. As the beer warmed but the flavors kept evolving into a sweet Chocolate Oblivion. As much as I love Chocolate Rain, White Chocolate, Wineification and Black Tuesday or even Grey Monday, this beer seems to have it all. Its like a blend of all those beers plus smoked. Think of a liquid chocolate marshmallow smored, ambered in deep caramel and smoked to perfection. While I believe that each of those favorite beers are damn unique in their own way, this one combines it all to holy hell and back. This one is definitely out there and should be take with extreme caution. While extremely delicious, this can back fire if not taken lightly. Highly Recommended? How about add this to the bucket list.

Anime Corner:

Ryoko Hakubi, Ayeka Masaki Jurai, Washu Hakubi and the Rest of the Tenchi Muyo! Gang were used in this pairing to pair with everything that this beer is all about. Back in the 90s, this was one of my favorite shows and these 3 girls were my favorite characters in the show. While Melange 3 had 3 of the 4 of my favorite girls now, these 3 were freaking awesome. Since this is a melange of flavor complexity the whole gang of Tenchi Muyo was added and Ryoko represents Black Tuesday, Ayeka is the Bois and Washu the Smoking Wood blend. All of them representing a huge component that pair with everything this beer represents from the colors of the label, the beer flavors the aspect of team work, collaboration, love, passion, power and more! See you can find many distinctions here as there are so many I could break down but at this point the review would be tl;dr.


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