The Reverend by Avery Brewing

10614379_10102005960436170_7970248436255967066_nRating: 5/5

The Reverend by Avery Brewing is a 10% ABV Belgian Quadrupel

The Holy Trinity of Ales

The reverend is a divinely complex and beautifully layered creation with hints of dark cherries, currants, and molasses, complimented by an underlying spiciness and a sinfully smooth 10% ALC/VOL.

Brewed with Rocky Mountain Water, Malted Barley. Imported Belgian Specialty malted barley, dark Belgian candy sugar, hops and yeast.

So I finally promised myself to get a bottle of this as when I first tried it at Uncle Henry’s earlier in the year, I said I would. So, even after passing it up several times for other beers, I finally got it to bring it forward for a review here at the site. This is a great beer that is served year round. While I personally think, leave it to Belgium, this one is on top of the greatest representatives of the Belgian Quad Style. Cheers!

Dark fruits like raisins, plums, rich dark cherries, figs, plums, currants, belgian candy sugar, phenolic notes, clove spice, banana hints, almonds, chocolate, dulce de leche caramel, hints of hazelnut, rich rye, citrus, tobacco hints, molasses and brown sugar.

Lots of dark fruits, raisins, figs, currants, rich dark cherries, plums, citrus, cinnamon, clove spice, rye bread, vanilla caramel, oats, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, Belgian candy sugar, Rock candy sugar, bananas, phenolic yeast, hazelnut, pecan notes, honey, tobacco hints, almonds, hints of chocolate, apples, toffee, grapes and raisin bread pudding.

Dark fruit, earthy spice, dulce de leche, almond, pecan, rye bread, earthy and clove spice notes.
Alcohol sweetness in the taste mainly but nothing detracting from the overall beer. Smooth and a bit syrupy mouth feel even for a sipping drink character with a medium to full body on an dark amber brown color. Dangerous beer.

A perfect quad. This beer is a major reminiscent to the Surly Seviin. Definitely a lot of Belgian Candy sugar forward, with the dark fruits and rye bread mixing in but the bitterness comes from a mix of earthy and somewhat subtly citrusy notes. This quad is very enjoyable and it is a year round serving by Avery. I would definitely recommend this one for a try for sure.

Anime Corner:
Original character by jname was used in this pairing since I wanted to pair with the reverend. In the past, quads have always been paired with the like colors of dark fruits whether reds, purples or pinks. The power she holds in her hands is the power of the dark fruit reverend. Her dress signifies the complex Belgian flavors as well as rich candy sugars and caramels. The background is close to those of the Abbeys of Belgium paying a special tribute like that of the label, She is the Reverend possessing the power of God and will to do good in the beer world. Blessed be thy beers!


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