Stone Coffee Milk Stout by Stone brewing

1535509_10101996999089780_4956963514937397534_nRating: 4/5

Stone Coffee Milk Stout by Stone brewing is a 4.2% ABV Milk Stout brewed with roasted coffee beans.

There’s no shortage of talented people at Stone and each makes their presence known in their own unique way. Brian Gallagher, a brewer who learned the art of fermentation in the UK, used the beer you now hold, a New World take on a traditional English milk stout, as his vehicle for personal expression. Originally brewed as a limited-edition offering at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, this coffee-laced milk stout quickly became a favorite among Gallagher’s peers. Made bittersweet and creamy while remaining smooth and easy-drinking thanks to the addition of milk sugar, it’s clear why this is a brew we needed to share with fans everywhere.

This is the first time I try a sessioned coffee milk stout. Session beers are typically those with a low ABV about 5% and under to even 2% ABV. Session Stone beers like Levitation and GoToIPA which I may review at a later time, are those that are generally low in ABV. Well, to make things interesting this one is lower than that. This is about the ABV of a bud light and if this has way more flavor than that, makes you wonder why not make the switch to craft. Either way, this beer needs a review so here you go and cheers!

Roasted coffee, dark fruit hints like raisins, marshmallow hints, earthy hops, dark chocolate, smoky notes, milk shake hints, brown sugar, very light oak hints, peated malts and graham cracker.

Roasted coffee, dark chocolate, dark fruit hints, caramel, hints of mocha, smokey notes, marshmallow hints, earthy hops, graham cracker, light oak hints, milk chocolate shake hints, vanilla hints, smoked peat hints graham cracker notes, brown sugar and molasses.

Roasted coffee, earthy hop bitterness, dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla hints. No alcohol in the taste, easy to drink, full body, medium creamy mouthfeel.

This session stout is pretty good despite low ABV. I was quite surprised because unlike the smoked porter, this one is sweeter. It definitely drinks more like a porter but the smokey and roasted notes definitely remind you of course, this is a stout. Nevertheless, this one is worth a try if you like sessionable ales with rich flavor but not overly complex.

Anime Corner:
Maya Natsume from Tenjho Tenge was used in this pairing to show the colors of the label as well as the flavors of the beer. While the colors of the label pair well with the Venom Symbiote she is wearing, the flavors of the dark fruit and sweetness come from a combination of the suit and her eye and hair colors. Venom is typically black but in this case it is blue showing lighter colors to correspond with the low ABV percentage of the beer. Not much too it and I really wanted to pair her with this beer.


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