Smoking Wood (Bourbon Barrel edition) by The Bruery

10537020_10101935653801230_6860115756038812406_n 10422057_10101935654529770_6287864060755739402_nRating: 5.75/5

Smoking Wood (Bourbon Barrel edition) by The Bruery is a 14% Smoked Imperial Rye Porter Aged in Bourbon Barrels.


A rich porter layered with rye spiciness and earthy smokey, caramel-like flavors, roasty malt and oaky deliciousness.

Smoking Wood is brewed with a hefty amount of both rye and smoked malt, contributing to a full body and light spiciness, balanced by extended oak aging. This beer will cellar gracefully but is best enjoyed fresh.

The original Smoking Wood ( was aged in rye whiskey barrels. This bourbon barrel variation of the beer was released to the Bruery’s Preservation and Reserve Societies. After the loss of Couverteur, the Belgian Chocolate Vanilla Dubbel, the Bruery was able to replace that one with this one for their Preservation Society. Back then, when I first rated the original Smoking Wood I did not have my special rating system and rated that one 5/5. Today, the extra credit on that one would have been higher I am sure as this one will sure reach an exceptional rating I am sure. So let’s check it out and see if this one is worth obtaining.

Rich vanilla, campfire smoke, dulce de leche caramel, coconut, marshmallow smores, dark and milk chocolate, almond joy, burnt sugar on flan, jericallla (Mexican Custard), dark fruit hints, roasted malts, coffee hints, rye bread, butterscotch, bacon, BBQ honey glaze, maple, cherries, pecan pie, crème brulee, hazelnut nectar, plums, raisins, molasses and anise.

Rich Vanilla, oak, campfire smoke, dulce de leche caramel, bourbon, toasted coconut on flamed marshmallow chocolate smores, flan, cinnamon, dark and milk chocolate, jericalla Mexican custard, burnt sugar, BBQ hone glazed bacon, maple, molasses, dark fruit cherries, plums raisins, special beachwood oak, hazelnut, pecan pie, rye bread, sourdough bread, butterscotch, crème brulee, molasses, and anise.

Leaving with burnt chocolate, oak, beachwood fancy wood, vanilla, bourbon, marshmallow, Barbecue smoked meat and flan. No alcohol in the taste, A sipping beer with with a full mouthfeel, Pitch black body and yet very smooth.

Exceptional beer just like the original smoking wood in rye whiskey. I really think both of these go hand in hand except this one sure shines more of the marshmallow coconut and vanilla aspect than the rye, burnt oak and hone glaze of the other one. Regardless, both are insane and just as good. If you can find this variant, I suggest you trade for it and see if you can find the difference between them a little better. Although, regardless, both are phenomenal and highly recommended.

Anime Corner:
Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan returns in an epic pairing with the Bruery Smoking Wood. I wanted to include her in one of my reviews from the Bruery as she is my favorite character from that series. The aspects, aside from the label, that she bring forth to the pairing is how, in relation to smoking wood, her society relates to the smoking of wood. The time that she lives seems like something off of the old west where people ride in horses and carriages to get around and the only technology seems to be fire and wood in order to get light. So while lacking in technology, seems like this is what society is like during this time. Smoking wood reminds me of that. While everything is burning around her, there is this sweet glimmer of hope and strength that she brings forth. She is one of the strongest and fastest in the series fighting many of the Titans (Giant Zombie like creatures) in the series with easy. While she may have an dark cold demeanor, she is very kind and caring of her friends Eren and Armin. This was the perfect beer in my mind to pair with her.


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