System of a Stout by Beachwood brewing

10556441_10101935648057740_6808822718300916755_n 10532943_10101935649380090_6744576644527777012_nRating: 5.75/5

System of a Stout by Beachwood brewing is an 11.2% ABV World Class Armenian Imperial Stout aged in oak brandy barrels.

System of a Stout incorporates the ingredients of a traditional cup of Armenian-style coffee: cardamom, molasses, and a massive infusion of coffee from our good friends at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA. This robust and flavorful brew is then oak aged, adding even more layers of complexity. Enjoy fresh or cellar at 45-55°.

What a beer, named after the System of a Down in reference to being a beer made in the Armenian style of coffee. Definitely traveled far and wide to Long Beach California where I had to pick this one up before it was gone. That and the fact that the 2014 World Cup quarter-finals and Anime Expo in downtown Los Angeles were going on all at the same time. That day was totally worth it and the fact that I was able to bring this for a review for you may hopefully make you decide to seek this one out for yourself. Let us see why this one is so, ‘World Class’!

Immediate rush of dark and rich espresso coffee fragrances, dark chocolate, dark fruit notes, molasses, brown sugar, dulce de leche caramel, cinnamon, flan hints, oak, brandy, dark cherries, chocolate cake, bananas, flan, almonds, pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.

Rich Dark Espresso coffee, Vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, oak, brandy, dark cherries, toffee, rye, earthy hop notes, dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, rocky road ice cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, dark fruits like raisins and plums, cardamom spice, molasses, anise, pecan pie, flan, almonds, banana and chocolate cake.

Lingering coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, oak, brandy, cherry hints and earthy spicy notes. No alcohol in the taste, drinks smooth yet syrupy mouthfeel. Dark full body with no trace of light in site.

Exceptionally awesome! This is my favorite beer from Beachwood so far aside from the Mrs. Stoutfire collaboration they did with the Bruery. This beer is pretty close to Mocha Wednesday but misses the super complexity of that one. It is way delicious and up there with the greatest of the the great and the Brandy oak aging definitely takes it to that next level. I highly recommend getting this one as it is freaking amazing and close to one of the best coffee stouts in the world for sure!

Anime Corner:
Ellie from the Last of Us and Marceline from Adventure Time were used in this pairing for many reasons involving the dark aspects of the flavors and tribute to System of a Down. In the art work from Ellie it actually reminds me of the song B.Y.O.B video where it shows an army of soldiers in suits marching forward. The soldiers in the artwork you can say represent those soldiers from the video. The Marceline artwork just represent overall rock and basically the darkness of this beer and System of a Down as a Rock Band.

System of a Down: B.Y.O B

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