2014 RealTail Collaboration by Real Ale and Freetail brewing

10462592_10101879193019090_2800463206286259745_nRating: 4.5/5

2014 RealTail Collaboration by Real Ale and Freetail brewing is a 6.66%ABV Cascadian Dark India Pale Ale.

2014 Central Texas Collaboration
the black white IPA
brewed and bottled by freetail brewing co. of San Antonio in Collaboration Real Ale brewing Co. of Blanco.

A special thanks to my friend Aaron from Texas, owner and beer reviewer of www.beermetaldude.com who hooked me up with an even more elusive, super exclusive, brewery only release of this beer. This beer is so exclusive that there is little information about the beer even though it was made by two great Texas breweries and sold at Freetail this year. The idea behind RealTail is that it is supposed to be a Black IPA by color but a White IPA by taste. Or so it goes. An IPA that I may have tried similarly was the Bear Republic’s Black Race IPA long ago. It was black in color but man, the tropics and herbal hops were the win there. So I am very curious to see what the special creation of Real Ale and Freetail have to offer. Both breweries which I have reviewed their beers before are very delicious and awesome. Cheers to those good folks and Cheers to you Aaron once again, thanks brother!

Grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, citrus, Smoked malt, tropical fruits like mango, papaya, molasses, anise, herbs, peaches, caramel and brown sugar.

Smoked malts, mild chocolate, Grapefruit, grassy, earthy, and piney hops, citrus, tropical fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple, molasses, anise, herbs, brown sugar, peach hints, caramel, biscuit bread and flowers.

Grassy and earth hop resin, citrus, mango hints, caramel and smoked malt. No alcohol in the taste, easy to drink, refreshing and crisp with a medium mouthfeel.

This is very interesting. There is a balance of the black smoke, and malty goodness of the black IPA and the herbal, dank and tropical fruit hoppy flavors of a regular IPA all melding together really nicely. So while it is not a black IPA trying to be a white IPA in taste, it is actually a fusion of both. This is great! If you love Black IPAs, this is awesome!

Anime Corner:
Original Artwork by Osamu (Jagabata) was used in this pairing to complement the idea of the Black White IPA as well as the collaborative efforts of Real Ale and Freetail in this beer. Some of the colors represent some of the flavors like the smoked malt, mild chocolate, floral notes, earthy hops to some extent tropical fruits and grassy hops. Either way, to me this pairing was just perfect in all ways. What do you guys think?


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