MischMishMish by The Bruery

10291768_10101795749076420_970305752491464130_nRating: 5/5

MischMishMish by The Bruery is an 8.8% ABV Belgian Strong Golden Pale Ale brewed with Apricots.

Fermented with brettanomces and infused with sweet apricots, this ale offers flavors and colors as golden as a California summer.

After brewing one of our fruited sour ales, we found ourselves with a few too many leftover apricots in the fridge. Rather than starting a smoothie company, we decided to create this unique take on the popular Belgian-style golden ale. The addition of apricots strikes a lovely balance with our fruity house yeast, yielding a delightfully mishmishchieveous ale. Mischmishmish is best enjoyed fresh.

Want to talk about rarity and limited edition? How about limited quantity? So much that the only people that got this beer at 1 bottle per person limit were from the Hoarders and Reserve society between April and May 2014? How about that for exclusive? Well, it is a pain in the ass but I really wanted to do a review on this beer just because I wanted to see if it was truly worth a damn. Yes, even such a short ass supply of beers like these shouldn’t even phaze the masses as I am sure they have tried something like or extremely similar to this. Then again, we won’t find out until we try right? Well, I will do my best to break this one down and see what I can compare it to. This beer is a mix of Filmishmish and Mischief from the Bruery with lots of apricots. While I wish I could share this with many enthusiast around the world, just like Spiderman in Family guys once said and the fact of what life is, “Everyone only gets One!” and in this case, the members 😦 .

Pureed Apricot Central, biscuit bread, caramel, vanilla, peaches, stone fruit, lychee, peppercorns, farmhouse yeast, brettanomyces, honey, peppercorns, oak, citrus, lemon, peach preserves, plum cherry, mild wine funky hints, sugar cone, mild grape hints and waffle cone.

Lots of very rich sweet and Tart apricots, peaches, biscuit bread, vanilla, honey caramel, lemon, citrus, peppercorns, vanilla, oak, plum, cherry, farmhouse yeast, wine grape hints, wet hay, peppercorns, hints of mushroom, peach and apricot preserves on rye, waffle cone, bananas, stone fruits, lychees, guava notes, clove spice and bananas.

A bit Apricot, biscuit bread, and caramel with a very dry finish. No alcohol in the taste. A moderate sipping beer yet crisp and refreshing with a medium mouth feel.

While the beer is powerful with the apricot notes and well is very delicious, I do think that many can find something similar. This beer is no longer a sour and is more of a fruit beer than anything. A bready apricot fruit beer. Truly one for the summer if by some miracle you can get this beer. I can honestly say though, there are still some greater apricot tasting beers out there that you can find for sure.

Anime Corner:
Sakura Igawa from Taimanin Asagi is the younger sister of Asagi Igawa whos is an anti demon kunoichi. She was chosen for this rare beer as since her colors fit perfectly for with the label and the flavors. This is kind of her first appearance but generally her first solo appearance so it was perfect in that aspect. Mischief tends to be a Belgian Golden Ale which is usually related to demons as you can tell from the tail in the label. She is a ninja that fights demons so it makes sense. Basically, if we look at flavors, she is the sweet apricots that quenches the demons in the Filmishmish so removing all the sour notes leaving more sweet and tart notes instead. Good stuff for a super rare beer. Like a 1 in 100 random encounter…..

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