Pisces Pale by El Borracho Home Brewing

1779069_10101679695922870_586347337_nRating: 4/5

Pisces Pale by El Borracho Home Brewing is a 5.8% ABV English Pale Ale.

Thanks to my buddy William Carranza for hooking me up with his first master piece. This is his first beer made and I was given the honor to do a review for him. We both went to beer class together and he took it upon himself to brew his first batch of beer. I will be right behind you brother .

Caramel, grassy and piney hops, grapefruit notes, mango hints, biscuit bread, rye, malt grain and honey. 

Earthy, grassy and piney hops, caramel, rye bread, honey, mango hints, biscuit notes, mild toffee, grapefruit, citrus, lemon peel, peanuts, toffee and pecans.

Caramel, toffee, earthy, grapefruit hops, peanuts and honey. No alcohol in the taste with easy to moderate drinkability and medium body to it.

A very good pale ale. Despite’s Will’s advise about a certain flaw in the beer, I enjoyed it more because I actually enjoyed it better this way. The flaw was that there was more malt concentrated due to the missing extra gallon that was not added to the batch, which case the pale ale to be closer to a red ale,winter warmer or an Extra Special Bitter. While it may not have been what he was looking for in the beer, it ended being great! I love sweet caramel beers and this was just that good in my opinion. The best temperature would be to drink it as cold as possible to get more hop profile out of it. It gets sweeter as it get warmer. There is no off flavors, just nice and sweet stuff. Thanks again Will!

Anime Corner:
Zodiac Sign Pisces original artwork by Deviantart.com artist yuhon was chosen as a pairing to my friends beer to show the name of the beer. Pisces Pale was born in early February 2014 and this with the sign and the name as well as Will’s Zodiac sign, this was the pairing I chose. It make not show case many of the colors of the beer itself, maybe the hops since hops are green, but the vibrant hazel eyes of the fishes and the girl hold its true nature, the flow of a sweet awesome beer. Any other pairing notes that you would like to share, please comment below.


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