Southern Slice collaboration by Cigar City, Terrapin Brewing and South Georgia Pecan Co.

1483439_10101623059547620_633078307_n 1518897_10101623060720270_1330248281_nRating: 6/5

Southern Slice collaboration by Cigar City, Terrapin Brewing and South Georgia Pecan Co. is a 10% ABV Doppelbock brewed with pecans and vanilla beans.

A collaborative beer produced by Terrapin Beer Co. and Cigar City Brewing, two innovative breweries in the deep South. We decided to make a beer that will bring to mind a Southern staple, pecan pie.

Pecans were first introduced to colonists by the Algonquin Indians. They referred to the nut as pakan or paccan, which means “a nut so hard that is has to be cracked with a stone.” 

The two breweries agreed that a malty, dark lager would be a great canvas for such a Southern tradition, graciously slathering heaps of Munich malt and other specialty grains to emulate a portrait of Southern hospitality, the likes of which could conquer any sweet tooth.

You can find this one at if it is still available as of this posting. It will most likely go by quick.. I have been waiting for this beer since the release of Window Sill by the Bruery. While that beer was good to represent a Rhubarb pie, an actual pecan pie as I described in flavors found in some of the best beers I have tried has not been done before so I wanted to definitely put my palette to the test and see how much it actually compared to the great quads of Belgium. Not to mention the fact that this is a doppelbock to bring in some flavors of the prunes and toffee to the mix.

Rich pecan pie, maple, vanilla, chocolate notes, brown sugar, figs, dark fruits, prunes, raisins, hazelnut, dulce de leche caramel flan, toffee, pie crust and fruit cake.

Very rich raisins, dark fruit plums, figs, prunes, pecans, vanilla, maple, brown sugar, molasses, dulce de leche caramel, rum, hazelnut, butterscotch, rum notes, fruit cake, toffee, milk and dark chocolate notes like tootsie roll, earthy notes, wheat bread, rye, mild mocha and coriander spice.

Leaving with flavors of prunes, pecans, pie crust, caramel, and earthy notes it finishes a bit dry, but that’s what makes me want to sip more. Hard to detect the alcohol in the taste but some notes are like a liquor which does not detract from the flavors. It has sipping level of drinkability with rich syrupy mouth feel.

Very Exceptional beer reminding me of figgy pudding along with a rich quad and almost like rum flavor. Damn outstanding and the closest thing to pecan pie in a bottle without the need to barrel age. Highly recommended if you can find it. It surpassed my expectations of utter sweet dessert goodness of a beer. Very delicious and possibly the highest rating I have given a “lager” ever. 

Anime Corner:
Kan’u Unchou, Ryofu Housen and Hakufu Sonsaku from Battle Vixens were chosen to represent the label of the beer as well as the flavors. Ryofu’s checkered dress and Kan’u’s Blue dress represent the background of the label colors. If I say, Kan’u is cigar city because of the yellow ribbon and long spear and Ryofu is Terrapin because of her green hair, then we can assume both of them together give breed Hakufu which has the orange brown hair to represent the vanilla and pecans as shown in the second picture. You can also say Kan’u’s hair is the dark fruits implied in the flavors as well as Hakufu’s colors and Ryofu’s crimson suit to match that of the fruit cake, spices and maple. Yes it is kind of a stretch but that’s what I got. Any other things you can see here?

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