Noble King by Jester King brewing

1521541_10101623066563560_815844492_n 1557543_10101623067247190_20428181_nRating: 4.2/5

Noble King by Jester King brewing is a 5.9% Organic Hoppy Farmhouse Ale.

Not all kings are overbearing alpha types. Well, okay, in the real world, probably most are, and, truth be told, we’re not especially into the whole monarchy thing, anyway. But if we ever find ourselves transported to a mythical kingdom, we’d like for it to be one with a ruler who embraces the principles of subtlety, balance, and restraint, welcomes criticism and intellectual challenge, and isn’t afraid to laugh at his or her own expense.

Thanks to Aaron ofย www.beermetaldude.comย for another awesome beer from Texas. Jester king has been quite the ordeal to get their good saisons here in California. Some of their best ones can only be bought in their brewery exclusively, so getting these for a review is quite an honor. Hopefully, one day Texas laws will favor the craft beer fans to allow for more distribution. Until then, we will still find ways to show some awesome reviews and pairings here on the site.

Lots of peppercorn spices, citrus, lemons, piney, grassy and floral hops, honey, green apples, biscuit bread, farmhouse hay and herbs.

Grassy, floral, piney and earthy hop flavors along with peppercorns, honey, farmhouse hay, lemons, green apples, coriander spice, apricot, biscuit bread, herbs, wheat grain and funky brettanomyces.

Dry finish with only some mild hop, honey and peppercorn notes that fade. Light, Crisp, refreshing, easy to drink and no alcohol in the taste.

A very good beer that drinks more like Belgian Pale Ale. It is not as super hop and peppercorn forward like a Golden ale, but the beer on its own provides some flavors that I like from hoppy saisons. Very few good saisons are made as awesome and Jester King sure likes taking them to another level of flavor experience.

Anime Corner:
Original artwork by Yoshinori Shizuma was used for this pairing to pair the hop lion of the label with a bad ass lion. The owner of the lion can be assured that no harm will come to her as long as this lion ninja hops into action. How noble of him, King of the hops! As for the second picture of a character from Monster hunter, I used her to show the hop scales of the hop lion’s mane. It its not quite the close color but it comes very close. Plus, she is wearing a crown or tiara, like the hop lion is, so there!


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