Golden Sabbath by Big Island Brewhaus of Hawai’i

1536665_10101623068724230_1793245443_nRating: 4.75/5

Golden Sabbath by Big Island Brewhaus of Hawai’i is an 8.5% ABV Belgian Strong Golden Ale brewed with Hawaiian Honey.

You hold a special handcrafted beer brewed and bottled only in Hawai’i. This hefty 22 ounce bottle is meant to be shared, but of course you may not want to! Our Belgian Style Golden Ale is brewed with Malted Barley, Hawaiian Honey, and Noble Hops. A Special Belgian yeast imparts a wondrous range of fruit flavors like plum, apricot, and spice. These flavors harmonize well with roasted meats like lamb and duckling as well as rich seafoods like lobster and is perfect with desserts such as crème brulee, tiramisu, and of course…chocolate. Traditionally served in special goblets, this beer turns an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary event and transforms a slow Sunday afternoon into a Golden Sabbath. 

A very special thanks once again to my friend Richard and his fiancee Megan who were able to bring this special gift for me from their trip to Hawaii. It is an honor to try a Belgian style beer from Hawai’i, especially since that is pretty much the only place you can get this one.

Oranges, peppercorns, floral and citrus hops, honey, apples, apricot, biscuit bread, cotton candy, banana bread, vanilla, caramel, coriander and other spices.

Flowers, peppercorns, banana bread, apricot, plums, honey, biscuits, pineapple, pears, vanilla, bubble gum, cotton candy, rock candy, coriander, cloves, herbs and other spices.

Finishing dry with some nice honey, peppery spices and slight banana left over. Crisp, refreshing, easy to moderate drinkability with no alcohol in the taste.

A very good Belgian that is really close to a Tripel but it does stay more with the Golden Ale style and the Belgian Pale Ale but less hoppy and more fruity. While I enjoyed this one a lot, I think I enjoyed their coconut porter more. Nevertheless, this is still an amazing beer and an honor to get a chance to try something like this from Hawai’i. Belgian beer lovers will like this one.

Anime Corner:
I was unable to find the artist of this original artwork I used for pairing with this beer. If you are the artist let me know so I can give you credit for using the picture as a background for this beer pairing. I decided on this piece to portray several aspects of this beer. For starters, The label colors fit perfectly. Second, I wanted to find something that would relate to monks in Hawaii or even Monks at the beach. That is what the girl in the cloak is doing at the beach. The sandy and tropical aspects of rich Hawaiian honey are showcased with the beer flavors and also shown as a representative of the sea here in this pairing. Can you find any other things in this pairing?


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