Bourbon County Brand Stout 2013 by Goose Island

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Bourbon County Brand Stout 2013 by Goose Island is a 14.9%ABV World Class Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

“I really wanted to do something special for our 1000th batch at the original brewpub. Goose Island could have thrown a party. But we did something better. We brewed a beer. A really big batch of stout-so big the malt was coming out of the top of the mash tun. After fermentation we brought in some bourbon barrels to age the stout. One hundred and fifty days later, Bourbon County Stout was born-A liquid as dark and dense as a black hole with a thick foam the color of bourbon barrels. The nose is a mix of charred oak, vanilla,caramel and smoke. One sip has more flavor than your average case of beer. It overpowers anything in the room. People have even said that it’s a great cigar beer, but I haven’t yet tried a cigar that would stand up to it.” Brewmaster Greg Hall; 
IBU’s 60-High Color – Midnight 

Editor’s Note: Baudoinia Fulton & Wood Series offering (And the Low Storage entry from FoBAB 2012) is simply Bourbon County Stout aged in the same barrels. It has been alted as it offers no different recipe or barrel type simply the presence of a distillers fungus on the barrels that adds no distinct characteristic to the beer from the fungus itself except for possible oxygen exposure changes. While Brewers Intent indicates that they consider it a new beer, no true distinction aside from this oxidation amount and possible aging time differences seperates the beers. It’s essentially a single barrel Bourbon County version something we have always treated as regular Bourbon County Stout in the past.


One of the most sought out little bottles out there. I have tried the 2008 version of this beer and it was probably just as fantastic. Of course, back then I gave it 5/5 without including the extra credit system I implemented with my reviews. Essentially, this beer comes out every Black Friday. The Bruery responds similarly releasing Black Tuesday on October which is another beer of the much but same World Class caliber. 

Very rich milk and dark chocolate, vanilla, caramel, banana notes, flan, bourbon, toasted coconut, almond joy, rocky road ice cream, dark fruits like raisins, figs, licorice, hazelnut coffee, Irish cream, earthiness, oak and other good aromas

Lots of rich milk and dark chocolate, bourbon, vanilla, caramel, bananas, coffee, mocha, dark cherry, dark fruits, raisins, plums, oak, lots of coconut taste, brownie batter, chocolate cake, rocky road ice cream, Kahlua notes, licorice, pecan pie, marshmallow smores, crème brulee, rum hints and other dessert flavors.

The very nice bourbon, vanilla, rich chocolate, caramel, flan, coconut and it stays with you for a while. Sipping beer for sure and still trying to find the alcohol in taste or atleast how it would detract from the flavors. Very dangerous as you will want to drink it all in one go. Even though you can but definitely meant to be enjoyed.

Exceptionally exquisite. If you have had Black Tuesday, this beer is synonymous in lots of aspects and the alcohol cannot be found anywhere in the taste. You get hit later with it. What makes this beer so good is that it stays with you for along time. The flavors don’t go away so quickly. I think this is one of the reasons why people like it so much. Very rich and flavorful.

Anime Corner:
Franco il Nero from Tre Donne Crudelli is used in this pairing since I had used her in the 2008 Bourbon County pairing to show this one will get you nice a buzzed but also warm you up inside. Also, the whole them of Cowboys and Cowgirls I used in this pairing with the beer because whenever I think of Bourbon and County, I think of the Old west. This beer should have won the west. Since it was the original Bourbon county pairing, it stuck.

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