White Chocolate Moo-Hoo by Terrapin Brewing

1480624_10101544593399410_356396108_n 1470119_10101544593105000_1955831982_n 1002033_10101544592925360_290551225_n 1455152_10101544590340540_361566125_nRating: 6/5

White Chocolate Moo-Hoo by Terrapin Brewing is a 6.1% ABV Milk/Sweet Stout brewed with White Chocolate and cocoa nibs

If cocoa nibs from Olive & Sinclair in our Moo-Hoo “Chocolate Milk Stout” wasn’t enough, then how about adding white chocolate to the mix just for good measure? The Terrapin “White Chocolate Moo-Hoo” combines the Yin and Yang of the chocolate world into one decadent beer. All the original flavor of Moo-Hoo you remember, all the new flavor of white chocolate you’ll never forget.

Spike & John

White Chocolate

Lots of White chocolate candy, Danish Cream, milk chocolate, yoo hoo, dark fruits, mild coffee notes, flan, rich vanilla, caramel, rich white chocolate dessert, tres leches/Three milks, sweetened condensed milk and more!!

Flan, vanilla, caramel, Rich buttery White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cheese cake, red velvet, chocolate cake, earthy hops, dark fruits, yoo hoo chocolate drink, chocolate shake, Danish cream, crème brulee, tres leches cake, sugary cream, Danish cream and pecan pie.

Lots of buttery, silky white and dark chocolate cream, mild coffee and earthy hop bitterness but then dissipates leaving only the sugar sweetness. Very drinkable, very smooth, very delicious, no alcohol but I would still take my time with it. It is very unique and takes time to appreciate this

Right next to the Bruery’s White chocolate, this is ridiculously good. As I mentioned in a past, usually sweet beers or any beer that exceeds expectations usually gets extra credit. This includes chocolate beers. Simply knowing that this beer has both the Ying and Yang of chocolate. The flavors are very different from the Bruery’s white chocolate focusing more on the milk chocolate candy of dark and white chocolates. This new flavor of a beer is very different and very unique to the white chocolate style of beer. A rarity among beers and should be highly sought out. WOW!!!

Anime Corner:
Temari and Yoruichi from Naruto and Bleach prospectively are both ninjas and two of my most favorite anime characters ever alongside with KOS-MOS of Xenosaga. I used this art work to pair the White and Dark Chocolate aspects of the beer. The Ying and Yang if you will. You also see this in my reviews for Chocolate Rain and Bruery’s White Chocolate as well. Not only using them because they fit, but mainly because they are my favorite characters and paired with my favorite beers. You may find that a lot throughout my reviews, especially the 6/5 or even the Melange 7/5 rating. Either way, the artwork fits. Temari and her summon, Katamari, the weasel I used to represent the separate aspect. This is a White Chocolate beer and she has a while weasel that is Black and white. The cow pictures I used are mainly to represent the cow suit the Terrapin mascot wears in the label. Seeing as this is a Milk Sweet Stout. The last one with the purple cow is used to represent the flavors of the beer are like all the colors of the rainbow and she looks bad ass too. So it fits in my perspective of creativity.

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