Dragonhösen by Boulder Beer Company

1463675_10101525463775330_1283158220_nRating: 4.89/5 

Dragonhösen by Boulder Beer Company is a 9% ABV Imperial Oktoberfest/Märzen lager

Late at night in the dark cellar or among the rows of towering vessels at Boulder Beer, if you listen carefully you can hear the eerie sound of the Dragonhosen.
Brewed with generous amounts of Vienna and Munich malts for a rich, full-bodied malty flavor, Dragonhosen begins as a traditional Oktoberfest lager, then stealthily breathes fire with 9% alcohol by volume. Hallertau and Czech Saaz hops add balance with a mild earthy aroma and flavor with moderate bitterness.
If you find yourself at Boulder Beer, listen closely and beware… if you hear a scratching and scraping coming your way, the bite of the Dragonhosen is sure to follow.

Dragonhösen or Dragon Trousers… Not sure what they meant by this. Unless it they meant, it is befitting dragon of a beer. Challenge Accepted! Even if it is not October anymore, that doesn’t stop anyone from trying special Oktoberfest beers. This sucker was hard to find in California. In fact, many stores online will not ship it. Until I found the craftkings.com. One of the reason I was attracted to this beer was the label but the style. German beers are delicious and sweet. The best part is that it comes in a 22oz.

Caramel, toffee notes, biscuit notes, honey, butterscotch, caramel sugars, earthy spice, brown sugar, nutmeg and rye

Rich caramel, toffee, rye bread, honey, hazelnut, biscuit bread, butterscotch, nutmeg, caramelized, toasted bread, mild earthy hop notes, brown sugar, sugar cone, graham crackers, fruit cake notes, hint of a dark fruits and dates 

The beer leaves a nice caramel and rye bread aftertaste with some earthy bitterness. Alcohol is not present in the taste and has moderate drinkability

This beer is very good overall. It is a beer that seems to fall more along the lines of a doppel bock or even a Barleywine. I think this is the reason why I liked this one a lot. Malt forward and sweet! I think if you have tried some of the best German Doppel bocks out there, it may be close to this one. Love me some good German beers. 

Anime Corner:
Not sure what series this character is from. I could only find something about a Chinese series called “Scratch” and the character is Maid: Dragon King Ao Guang’s daughter. Anyways, the use of this piece of artwork in my mind could clearly be seen from the label’s art work. That and the fact that this woman is like a half woman half dragon. All to perfect and majestic, the Dragonhosen 

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