Top Shelf Series Tart Attack by NoDa Brewing

1255475_10101484477387380_616502460_nRating: 3.75/5

Top Shelf Series Tart Attack by NoDa Brewing is a 4.3% ABV Berliner Weissebier brewed with Blackberries.

This Berliner Weisse style sour ale is full of character and flavor at only 4.3% alcohol by volume. We sour mashed this ale to create a lovely tart and bright flavor. To further the tart character, we rested it on blackberries after its fermentation was complete. The result is a bright and complex tart ale with both semisweet and dry notes throughout. This ale was brewed to honor Pints for Prostates and all their work in bringing awareness to prostate cancer. So men… get tested, live longer and enjoy more craft beer!

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Pink against Prostate Cancer goes many ways too. This beer is a light bodied rosy pink. This beer was released by the Rare Beer Club for the Pints for Prostates campaign where the money that they get from selling these beers goes to a good cause. 

Wheat bread, lemon, citrus, tart black berries, funky wine grapes, grain, minerals and yogurt notes

Lemon,citrus, tart cherries, tart blackberries skins, coriander, wheat bread, grains, yogurt notes, wine grapes, light funky hay notes and mild herbal hints

Leaves with a hints of bread, yogurt notes, grains and lemon but then quickly becomes dry. Very refreshing, easy to drink, crisp and light. 

This is a pretty good beer. While the ABV makes it light, the its a good enough amount of tart to go around. Nothing extremely sour neither. One of the reasons I believe is the top shelf or table series is because it is the type of light beer that is served at a fancy dinner. It would work wonders with some nice meat, cheeses or even a very nice salad

Anime Corner:
Mio Akiyama from the K-ON! Series. I do not know a lot about the series other than the character is shy and likes to play Bass. She tends to freak out over things that make her scared or embarrassed. In this picture, the other characters are making fun of her to see what she would look like in a Maid outfit. While they laugh it off she mutters MOE MOE KYUN! and does a heart with her hands. While MOE MOE KYUN in Japan is used to describe something cute and sexy, it was taken as a cross reference in this picture to also refer to KAME HAME HA! In the same reference where Goku from Dragon Ball Z does a wave. Basically in this picture she’s is charging a pink heart beam to blast the other girls for making fun of her. 

The beer reference comes into play in many aspects. The beer is pink and is Tart. The name tart attack in the context of the picture refers to the pink attack she is powering up to launch. Just like the beer has some nice fruity and easy going flavors, the tart part of it will attack the taste buds. Also, her outfit is of a maid. Since the label shows like a waiter serving the beer, I wanted to show it is similar as in this maid here is serving you a Tart Attack!

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