Hammer 30 Revolutionary Ale by Rhinelander Brewing

375002_10101180934380000_388553501_nRating: 3/5

Hammer 30 Revolutionary Ale by Rhinelander Brewing is a 5%ABV Cream Pale Ale 

Nail your thirst. Beer for the People.

Fresh and Easy in Southern California has a 30 pack of this. Hung out with my friend Hugo when we found this. It was actually well worth the try. It wasn’t a typical lager for sure. Different sites have different ideas about what this beer is. Some say a Pale ale while others say a Cream Ale. I think it is a mix. 

The beer has aromas of like a apple cider, floral hops, grains, pilsner, corn, cereal, some minor bready notes and grass. The flavors are of red apples, pilsner grains, cereal, floral hop bitterness, honey, a little bit of sugar, some biscuit and corn bread.

Hugo and I agreed that this was good stuff and was very drinkable and nice. You can definitely take several of these and each one just as good as the next. There are no metallic bitter taste like in lagers which is appealing in some cases. I would rather drink this than bud light and it will get the job done if your looking to get buzzed. It also will make a good summer beer. So all and all, it is worth the try.

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