Bavarian Style Hefeweizen by Black Market Brewing

598389_10100950630006810_1816952265_nRating: 4/5.

Bavarian Style Hefeweizen by Black Market Brewing is a 5%ABV German Hefeveizen


Our award winning example of an authentic, traditional Bavarian (southern German) style Wheat Ale offers a fruity aroma with a touch of spiciness ad a creamy, but dry palate. Unfiltered for richer flavor and a characteristic haze. Enjoy it as a summer refresher, or anytime you’re feeling a little parched. Keeps bet when refrigerated.

Bavarian Heffs are some of the best German beers in the world to me so to try one like this is an awesome thing. Fragrances include orange, tangerine, bread, some banana cloves but very little of it. The flavors include of the nice citrus like a lime, orange and tangerine, banana cloves, sweet bread, wheat, some coriander spice, and a little bit grainy cereal aftertaste. It is a pretty good beer but then again, Fransiskaner Heffeweisse is much easier to find. Still, not a bad pick up for an awesome hefeweizen though :).

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