Duvel Rustica by Ommegang

Rating: 4.25/5

Duvel Rustica by Ommegang is an 8.5% Belgian Strong/Imperial Golden Ale. 


Duvel Rustica is our American farmhouse interpretation of Duvel Golden Ale, renowned worldwide as the finest Belgian Golden Ale. Like Duvel, our ale begins with a perfect balance of fine malts and noble hops, then undergoes fermentation with Ommegang’s proprietary yeast. 

Duvel Rustica is a richly flavorful and aromatic brew with the depth and complexity of the finest Belgian ales. Enjoy the alluring flavors and aromas, fine carbonation, full body, hazy rustic golden hue, fluffy white head and dry, warming finish. 

I almost want to consider this a Belgian Pilsner. If you were to add Belgian yeast to a lager you would get something similar to this. I have had many Belgian Pale Ales and even some Golden Ales that have more sweet Belgian fruits and candied sugars. Despite this, I love how this beer presents itself. The bitterness is like that of a pilsner amplified into the realms of Belgian beer. I really think a lot of people that like so called Belgian Lagers like Stella will realize that if you took that beer and made it is more mature, fermented and super complex, and definitely unfiltered, you would get a golden ale truly worthy of then name, Duvel. This isn’t Stella at all though, no where near its league as Ommegang is legend amongst the beer world. This beer is mix thought. Some flavors of strong candied sugar on warm sweet and biscuit bread, vanilla, pilsner flavor like cereal, pears, orange peel, grapes, lemon, some grassy, tangy, pine and pineapple with grapefruit hops. There is is sour dough bready after taste as well. Like a rye bread. Quite the delicious beer at that. I would have to compare Duvel vs. this one to see if one is better than the other. Many beer lovers may like this one 😛

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