Art of Darkness by Ommegang *6 month version

Rating: 5/5 *6 month version2012 (6 months later)

Art of Darkness by Ommegang is an 8.9% Belgian Dark Ale. What can I say, this is the third time I try this beer. I enjoyed it so much I took 2 bottles and started to aged them. I have one aging right now but decided to try the 6 month version. As I had mentioned before, this one is on my list of favorite beers ever. Reminding me of the Thirteenth Hour Stout. Taste more like Stout if it was hybrid with Troise Pistoles and St. Bernardus. Now the thing is, now the chocolate and dulce de leche bread are pushing through further and further. Looks like maturation is starting to make the ABV higher but also bringing forth more sweetness along side with the dark Belgian fruits like the plums, raisins, prunes and cherries. I will probably hold off on this beer for several years and see where it goes. 2012 (Earlier Review)

So it comes down to this huh?? Dabbling with things that should not be dabbled with. But what can one achieve with finding something beyond the taboo of brewing?? Well if anything, hope you don’t get cursed along the way >:)… So for those that may not want to dabble in darkness… I took it upon myself to try this beer before it hit the stores. In fact this beer isn’t even set to release until April 2012. Let’s just say I got the hookups. This is … Art of Darkness Belgian Dark Ale. It is a brew at 8.9% ABV made by Ommegang brewing. A homage to the dark arts of brewing some of the best dark beers in the world. A la Troise Pistoles, Thirteenth Hour Stout, Terrible, St Bernardus 12, Westvleteren, etc. Baler and wheat malts combine with flaked oats, Ommegang yeast and noble hops. Even though the beer is has no secret ingridients like eye of newt or special incantations. The theory is simple, the flavor is complex and delicious. I think I shoul start by mentioning that this beers is much like the Thirteenth hour stout, devils chocolate cake/bread.It follows vanilla and faint grassy citrus bitterness. The sweetness overwhelms both the the after taste and the boozy alcohol feel.Some raisins and licorice flavors are present in there as well. Overall it wants to fit somewhere in the middle of the triangle that composes the best beers in the world for me, Trois Pistoles, St. Bernardus abt 12 and Thirteenth hour. However, it does go toe to toe with the Three philosophers as well except one is cherry bread and the other is chocolate. This Devil’s water is damn sweet, and if you would want to dable at this fine masterpiece…well…good luck >:]

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