Swordfish by Fish Brewing

Rating: 3.6/5

Swordfish by Fish Brewing company is a 7.5%ABV Double Cascadian Dark Ale or Black DIPA. This style is similar to that of the Self-Righteous Ale and the Escondidian Black IPA from Stone. This beer has a nice fragrance of hops and malts giving it aromas of black coffee and earthy grassy smell. The The flavors of this one range from minor coffee and chocolate with alittle bit of herbs and spices. Some caramel, vanilla, grapefruit, coconut, raisins, . However, the grassy hops do not dominate in this beer nor are the malts too intense. It’s almost like drinking a pepsi :/…with less sugar and more bitterness. Not to say it is a bad beer, it is actually quite refreshing and smooth for this style. More balance here but it is still not in the same balance of flavors that would make an amber ale. Drinks more like a stout but with enough hops to make it semi sweet and semi bitter. Overall it was a different beer. Strange enough to make me like it bit. Although it could have had more hoppy bitterness but then again it wouldn’t be a BDIPA now would it? Although, Escondidian BIPA from Stone got damn right…I would recommend it just so you can try it out. You may get something different.

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