Old Rasputin by North Coast

Rating: 5/5

Old Rasputin by North Coast is a 9% ABV Russian Imperial Stout. This is the second time I review this beer yet it is always a favorite of mine over many stouts if I can find them when I go out. Aside from Dark chocolate and Roasted Coffee, licorice, molasses, vanilla and light toffee . There is some nice dark fruits to this. Some dark fruits like raisins and nuts. It is very well balanced to the point where you know there is this smokey, toasty and toasty bitterness to it but does not overwhelm and is smooth and creamy. Damn good stout and a world class one at that. Most special beer shops carry it so it is easy to find. Carino’s in Downey or in Santa Fe Springs sells this one too. Delicious with chicken wings 😛

2011 Review: 
Had this Russian Imperial Stout at the Yardhouse on my birthday. A good chocolatey stout with a hint of hoppy bitterness reminiscent of the Arrogant Bastard Ale but not as bitter.:P

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