Solace by Firestone Walker

Rating: 4/5

Solace by Firestone Walker is a 4.8%ABV Pale Unfiltered Wheat Ale. A summer seasonal release only. This is quite interesting. A mix of grassy hops and banana clove flavors like a German Heff. Some Bavarian yeast is there for sure. Leans more towards a heffeweizen for sure and a borderline Saison as it does have great fragrance. Flavors of lemon, pine, grapefruit, banana bread, faint bubble gum after taste, and sweet pineapple. Crisp and refreshing taste with sweetness and spice all over. Definitely a summer beer. This is my second time trying this beer and definitely a pick up for summer :P.

2011 Review:
This delicious brew is a mix of unfiltered wheat like a heffeweizen and the fruityness provided by the bavarian yeast…tangy,smooth, sweet and filling. A definite summer ale 😛

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